Will Deathloop Have A Multiplayer Beta?

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Deathloop looks to be one of PS5's biggest titles in 2021, and after a series of delays it'll finally launch on September 14th.

While the game is playable solo, its multiplayer component offers an invasion mechanic as players step into the shoes of Julianna and attempt to assassinate Colt. That's got players wondering if the game could be ideal for streaming and whether we'll get to stress-test it ahead of launch.

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Will Deathloop Have A Multiplayer Beta?

It's tricky to say whether there will be a multiplayer beta simply because there's not a great deal of evidence either way.

Arkane has traditionally worked on single-player titles, meaning it's never been a consideration before. And with Deathloop being restricted to two players, it's not as though it's a squad-based tactical shooter or a battle royale.

Still, never say never. It's likely the beta would be available to pre-order customers if at all, and you can save 10% through PS Plus on the PS5 store. You'll also need PS Plus for the game's multiplayer, too, so it's worth picking up a subscription.

If the game does have a limited-time beta, it's likely we could see similar from Arkane Austin's next title, Redfall.

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