Is Deathloop Coming To Nintendo Switch?

Deathloop is looking like one of the most stylish games for next-gen systems and we’re sure that it will win or get nominated for a bunch of art direction awards, while the game itself looks really fun thanks to the unique concept and multiplayer.

Visually, Deathloop looks like a game that could be on the PS4 but the amount of things you can do, not to mention the size of this world, really makes it feel at home on the PS5 and PC, though many want to see it on other systems like the Switch.

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Is Deathloop Coming To Nintendo Switch?

Unfortunately, the chances of Deathloop coming to the Nintendo Switch are really low, even if the visual style lends itself to the console since it focuses more on style than detail.

Still, the Nintendo Switch isn’t exactly home to a bevy of Bethesda games, aside from solid ports of Skyrim, Doom, Doom Eternal, and the older Doom titles, among others.

If Bethesda were really invested in the Switch they would have ported older games like Fallout 3 or Fallout New Vegas to the system since it can handle them, but they haven’t done it yet for odd reasons.

Also, Deathloop is currently a PS5 exclusive anyway so the chances of it coming to the Switch aren’t exactly super high, at least not yet.

Maybe when the exclusivity runs out Bethesda will consider porting it over to the Switch, though we’re sure some fans will complain about a 30 fps version of Deathloop.

Deathloop is coming to the PS5 and PC on September 14.

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