Is Deathloop Coming To PS4?

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Deathloop looks to be one of PS5's biggest titles in 2021, and after a series of delays it'll finally launch on September 14th.

Coming from the talented team at the now Microsoft-owned Arkane, it could be the last time the developer's work is seen on PlayStation following the developer's arrival into Xbox Game Studios.

With that said, could it come to last-gen systems too?

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Is Deathloop Coming To PS4?

In truth, it's unlikely. Since day one, Deathloop has been billed as a PS5 console exclusive, leaning into the console's feature set, including the adaptive triggers.

That's not to say it's guaranteed, though. PS5 exclusive Godfall, the first game to be shown off for Sony's next-gen system, is coming to PS4.

Then there are Sony's own exclusives. The company famously said that it believes in generations, before confirming that upcoming titles like Horizon: Forbidden West and God of War: Ragnarok will also launch on PS4.

That means that while Deathloop is unlikely to ever come to PS4, we can't rule it out as a possibility. With PS5 consoles still hard to get hold of in the wild, it's perhaps a smart play to make games available on more systems to allow publishers to recoup their costs.