Is Deathloop Single-Player or Multiplayer?

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Deathloop looks to be one of PS5's biggest titles in 2021, and after a series of delays, it'll finally launch on September 14th.

While Deathloop is predominantly a single-player game, it does offer a multiplayer mode that's akin to something we've seen in the likes of Watch Dogs. Here's how it all works.


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How Deathloop Multiplayer Works

The first thing to remember is that if you're looking for a single-player experience as in Arkane's previous work, you can play the entire game solo.

If you are looking for multiplayer, though, then you can expect another player to jump into your game to try and ruin your day.


While Colt is looking to kill eight targets in one day, Julianna, the second player-controller character, is only required to kill Colt. She can pop up at any time, and even if you kill her, she can reappear later in the day, according to an interview with GameInformer.

If you're playing as Colt, you'll need to make sure Julianna doesn't disrupt your well-laid plans. If you're playing as Julianna, though, you can have some more fun.

She arrives and introduces herself over the radio, and will stop Colt from leaving the area. Win the fight as Julianna, and you'll earn cosmetics.

Win the fight as Colt, and you can gain some of Julianna's weaponry and items to make the rest of the game a little easier.


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