Here's What's New in Death Stranding Director's Cut

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Death Stranding Director's Cut differences are quite a bit more varied than we expected.

As promised, Death Stranding Director's Cut received a hefty new trailer as part of Gamescom 2021, with enough new information to make even the sturdiest parcel carrier stumble. It's a good thing, then, the Director's Cut improves stability.

Of the many new features added in this expanded version, stabilizers stand out the most. No longer will you topple over after landing, which will, presumably, mean far fewer accidents and droppages.


There's also a new catapult-type feature that lets you launch parcels further afield much faster than you can carry them.

Another new addition is possibly the best of all, though.

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Here's What's New in Death Stranding Director's Cut


Sam Bridges is getting a buddy, or a Buddy Bot more specifically.

The Buddy Bot acts as a transport, carries Sam's cargo for him, or just lets him carry even more cargo.

Another of the Death Stranding Director's Cut differences is a new set of facilities. Some let Sam practice combat, while another is essentially a boss rush mode. Sam can even unwind with a few dances in his room or do tricks on his new jetbike.

Death Stranding Director's Cut releases on September 24 for PlayStation 5.