Hideo Kojima Isn't A Fan Of Death Stranding's "Director's Cut" Subtitle

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Hideo Kojima's just revealed that he's not a fan of the "Director's Cut" subtitle for Death Stranding. Taking to Twitter earlier today, Kojima outlined several thoughts about the naming of this new edition, saying that calling it a "director's cut" didn't feel right. Specifically, Kojima says that:

A director's cut in a movie is an additional edit to a shortened version that was either released reluctantly because the director did not have the right to edit it, or because the running time had to be shortened.

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Hideo Kojima Isn't A Fan Of "Director's Cut" Subtitle For Death Stranding

Carrying on into a second tweet, Kojima elaborates that this new edition isn't about "what was cut", but rather, what was additionally produced. Suggesting the name "Delector's Plus?", you can find the full tweets below.

Coming to PS5 on September 24, 2021, this expanded edition was confirmed last month at Summer Games Fest, and PlayStation's recent State of Play presentation revealed further details. Offering new content, visual improvements and more, that'll cost existing owners $10, as opposed to previous free cross-gen upgrades seen from Sony.