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Samsung Galaxy Tab S8: When Will The New Samsung Tablet Launch?

If you're on the market for a new tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 could be a good option, but when is its release date?

Acting as an alternative to a potential iPad 2021, the S8 could be the perfect partner for another of Samsung's flagship S-Series devices, the upcoming Galaxy S22 phone.

Here's what you need to know about the Galaxy Tab S8.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Release Date

For the likes of the S22, iPhone 13, and more upcoming tech product's, past precedent allows us to predict (quite accurately) the expected release date for these devices. However, it's a bit trickier with the Tab S8.

Initial expectations suggest the S8 could receive an August reveal at the Galaxy Unpacked show, which will take place on August 11. The previous Samsung Tablet - the S7 - was first shown off at a Galaxy Unpacked event in August 2020. Samsung then released the S7 in mid-September.

However, more recent reports suggest this event will instead highlight the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 3 and other Galaxy products, including the Galaxy Buds 2, rather than the Tab S8.


Since this Fold rumour gained traction, it's gone fairly quiet around the Tab 8. However, we have one rumour from a Naver blog that disclosed information about the Tab S8.

According to the blog, the S8 will not release in 2021 but is instead aiming for an early 2022 release. This would place the Tab S8 release around the same time as the Galaxy S22 phone.

A 2022 release may help to combat some of the ongoing component shortages currently impacting the technology sector.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Price

While the release date may not line up with the S7's, we might expect the pricing to remain fairly similar.

The Galaxy Tab S7 cost $649/£619 when it launched in September 2020 - the same pricing as the Tab S6.

As such, it's likely the upcoming Tab S8 will also target this $649/£619 price point for its release.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Latest News and Leaks

We've only really seen a few leaks surrounding the S8. However, this leak from GSMArena is pretty hefty.


The leaks suggest the Tab S8 will release in three different models: S8, S8 Plus, and S8 Ultra.

The base Tab S8 will feature an 11" LCD screen and 8,000 mAh battery, while the S8+ will have a 12.4" 120Hz OLED screen and 10,090 mAh battery. The S8 Ultra will include a 14.6" 120Hz OLED display and a 12,000 mAh battery.

The three S8 tablets will allegedly include 8 GB of RAM, aside from a 512 GB S8 Ultra model, which will feature 12 GB of RAM.

However, until Samsung officially reveals its Tab S8 lineup, we cannot know for sure what the specs will be like. We'll keep you updated when that happens.

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