Is PS5 Loud? Here's What You Should Know

When it comes to exploring how loud the PS5 is and whether it should be silent or not, it can be a little tricky to find a definitive answer.

The PS4 was, for some, notoriously loud, so, if you make the upgrade to PS5, will you still experience unwanted noise?

Here's everything you need to know.

Is PS5 Loud?

While some PS5's are considerably quiet, the same cannot be said for all of them, this is because Sony has used multiple fans in the manufacturing process.

Fans that have more blades tend to be quieter than those with fewer, of course, neither of them are 'silent' the noise produced is an inescapable by-product.

However, some people have reported that their PS5 is exceptionally quiet, while others claim that the fans produce some noise, however, the amount of noise produced is only a little noisier.

Whichever fan you receive, the cooling effect should not be any different and all should work perfectly fine at maintaining the optimal temperature of your PS5.

While there is also some debate over whether the PS5 should be horizontal or verticle, the cooling effectiveness and noise produced should be the same either way.

Plus, there should be little to no difference in the volume produced from the console whether you buy the PS5 Disc or Digital Edition.

Is PS5 Quieter Than PS4?

As mentioned before, the PS4 was a notoriously loud console, with the consoles cooling system producing a large amount of unwanted ambience.

In the Ultimate PS5 FAQ, Sony has stated "Our goal is for PS5 to be quieter than PS4. This is due to changes in the power delivery and cooling systems, as well as custom engineering work including a custom heatsink and a liquid metal-based thermal interface material."

Many users have since reported that the PS5 is much quieter than the PS4, regardless of which fans you get in your console, it seems Sony achieved their goal.

How Can You Reduce Noise On PS5?

There are a few simple steps that should help to reduce unwanted noise coming from your PS5...

  • Ensure the air vents are not obstructed, allow for a minimum of 10 cm of free space behind the console to allow proper airflow.
  • Place the console on a solid, flat surface and not on any carpet or rug.
  • Make sure that dust does not build up on the console exterior and block vents.

There is also a debate of whether you should position the PS5 upright or horizontally, though it seems there is little evidence that this affects the sound produced from the console.

And of course, investing in one of the best PS5 headsets may also help to drown out any unwanted console noise.

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