Should a PS5 be horizontal or vertical? Everything you need to know

A black and white DualSense controller leaning against a horizontal PS5.
Credit: Triyansh Gill

A black and white DualSense controller leaning against a horizontal PS5.
Credit: Triyansh Gill

Should a PS5 be vertical or horizontal? It's a question that new PS5 owners will ask themselves early on, and it's one that we do in fact have the answer to.

Because the PS5 is so expensive, the last thing anyone wants is to accidentally cause it to overheat or anything else. So, understanding the pros and cons, if there are any, of each orientation is essential.

So with that in mind, here's everything you need to know about which way to stand your PS5. Check out our list of the best PS5 accessories too, to maximise the potential of your PlayStation system.

Should a PS5 be vertical or horizontal?

Well, the good news is that you can have it either way, but which way you do it comes down to a few things, some obvious, some not so obvious.

The PS5 is a massive console, in fact in towers above even the fridge-like Xbox Series X, so laying it down takes up some serious space. It's something to consider if you're building a gaming setup.

We'd say go for vertical if space is limited.

What are the dimensions for the PS5?

When deciding which way to position your PS5, it can be important to get an idea of sizing. The dimensions of the PS5 are as follows:

  • 390mm (W) x 104mm (H) x 260mm (D)

When you add the base to either configuration, the height increases a smidgen, and so it's important to get an idea of how much space you've got before deciding which way to place your PS5.

How does the PS5 stand up when horizontal?

You may have noticed that not only is the console massive, but it's got a super 'unique' shape too.

Luckily though, it comes with a stand, which you can attach in a way that props up the PS5 and stops it from slanting.

A black and white PlayStation 5 horizontal with DualSense controller
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Credit: Sony

Does The PS5 Overheat When Horizontal?

Cooling concerns are common when it comes to both PS5 or PC setups. Having a machine run cooler has its benefits on performance, so to keep your console running at its peak, it's worth knowing which orientation is best.

The good news is that with PS5 you can, again, go either way thanks to its design.

With the PS5, cooling is achieved via the entire rear of the console and the central black section. Air is pulled in and flows out of the back, so it doesn't really matter which way you have it.

But there is one thing you'll want to factor in, and that's what's behind it.

Make sure there's space for air to actually flow out of to keep your console cool - essentially, don't have it closed off from view.

Not only should cooling be the same whether the PS5 is horizontal or verticle, but there shouldn't be any difference in the noise produced from the console either.

So which way should you have the PS5?

If we had to give our two cents on it, we'd say the vertical setup looks the most fitting for the console, and for most people's spaces.

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