Best Speakers 2021: Our Top Picks For November

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Finding the best speakers out there can be a little tricky, but we're on hand to give you a hand with your search.

There's a lot of different types of speakers, ranging from the best Bluetooth speakers all the way to the top speakers for home theatres, and of course don't forget about some of the best soundbars either.


We've got everything you need to kick off your search in the best way possible with our top picks from all of lists, plus our guide to finding the right speaker for you.

So whether you're going for the best soundbar for gaming, or want to complete your setup with the best desktop speakers, we've got you covered right here.

Or, whether you're looking for the newly-released Sonos Beam 2 or you're on the hunt for a cracking set of RGB speakers with the Razer Nommo Chroma, we've got you covered.

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Best Speakers

Best Desktop Speakers - Audioengine A2+

Best speakers Audioengine two black speakers side by side
Image Credit: Audioengine

Brand: Audioengine | Dimensions: 6in x 4in x 5.25in | Power: 60W | Connection: Wired/ Wireless/ USB/ RCA

We think these Audioengine A2+ desktop speakers hit the mark when it comes to power, design, and size.


These space-saving, but mighty speakers pack 60W peak power, which should give you more than enough for room-filling sound.

Easy to set up, a wide variety of connectivity options, including Bluetooth, and is available in three colour ways so you can pick the best one for your home setup.

We think these are a cracking set of speakers, which should tick practically every box for most people out there.

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Best Bluetooth Speaker - JBL FLIP 5

Best Speakers JBL one speaker
Image Credit: JBL

Weight: 1.2 lb | Battery life: 12 hours | Driver Size: 44mm | Power: 20W | Additional Features: IPX7 waterproof, USB-C Charging

If you're after a great all-rounder Bluetooth speaker, the JBL Flip 5 is worth checking out.

It packs a whopping 12 hours of battery life, 20W of power, and its waterproof and dustproof rating coupled with its rugged design should make it stand up to the elements if you're taking it on the go.

It also comes in a ton of different colours, so you can find the one that pairs best with your style.

A quality Bluetooth speaker that's portable, powerful, and even comes in at an accessible price point too.

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Best Budget Soundbar - Sonos Beam 2

best speakers, product image of a black Sonos soundbar
Image Credit: Sonos

Brand: Sonos | Connections: 1x HDMI-eARC, 1x Optical (with adapter), 1x Ethernet | Wireless: AirPlay 2, Wifi through Sonos App | Remote control: No | Dimensions (HWD): 69 x 651 x 100mm | Weight: 2.8kg

If you're after a compact solution that'll provide some great audio, then investing in a soundbar like the Sonos Beam 2 should be a good call.

With this new Beam offering a speedier processor underneath, it has enabled Sonos to add another two offerings to its already capable speaker array that allow it to offer a virtualised form of Dolby Atmos.

An HDMI eARC connection also allows this Sonos soundbar to play high-res audio formats and also make it quite a handy all-rounder with some crisp, full-bodied audio.


The Sonos Beam 2 also looks to be a rather versatile offering with plenty of connectivity options which also include the ability to hook it up to Sonos' own other wireless speakers to create a brilliant surround-sound experience.

You'll also find that this Sonos soundbar works with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa which offers plenty of smart assistant support.

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Best Speakers For Home Theatres - Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System

Best Speakers logitech, 6 speakers, plus two remote controls
Image Credit: Logitech

Brand: Logitech | Number Of Speakers: 6 | Power: 1000W / 500W RMS | Speaker Types: Subwoofer, Center Channel, Surround | Total Weight: 11.3 Kilograms

If you're after a quality set of speakers for home, this Logitech Z906 speaker system should be more than enough to deliver the goods.


It has a staggering 1000W of maximum power output, plus 500W RMS for that ultimate cinematic experience.

And when it comes to connectivity, this set features multiple inputs that allow you to connect anything from TVs and Blue-Ray players, all the way to consoles and mobile phones.

For the price tag, we think they're a worthy consideration, but if you're going for all in for your home theatre, these are just scratching the surface!

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Best Soundbar For Gaming - Razer Leviathan

Best soundbar Razer, two speakers in black
Image Credit: Razer

Brand: Razer | Power: 30W | Connectivity: 3.5mm connection, Bluetooth, Optical | Frequency Response: 180hz - 20Khz

When it comes to gaming, Razer is a good go-to for a wide range of accessories that both look and act the part, such as these top Razer headsets.

This Razer Leviathan, despite its name, is actually one of the more compact soundbars out there, making it a good choice to pair with both a great gaming monitor and TV setup.

You're also getting a subwoofer to deliver on those high action moments and really immerse you into your gaming experience.

It also features Bluetooth 4.0, which should come in handy if you fancy connecting your phone and playing some music.

Overall, as far as gaming speakers go, we think these should be high up on your list of considerations.


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Best Wireless Speaker - Sonos Move

Best Speaker Sonos wireless minimal designed speaker
Image Credit: Sonos

Brand: Sonos | Battery Powered: Yes | Connectivity Technology: WiFi, Bluetooth | Colour: Black / White | Item Dimensions: 16 x 12.5 x 24 cm | Item Weight: 3 kilograms

Wireless speakers are great for having indoors and creating that smart home type of environment, where you can waltz in and play music from your phone easily. Enter the Sonos Move.

First off, this is one minimal looking speaker, so if you're all about clean lines and uncluttered design, then this (and much of Sonos's range) will be the one for you.


The Sonos Move packs two class-D Digital amplifiers, a down-firing tweeter, a mid-woofer, and even features voice recognition and Alexa technology.

For an elegant wireless speaker solution for your home, this is certainly hard to say no to.

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Best RGB Computer Speakers - Razer Nommo Chroma

Best RGB speakers razer, two speakers with RBG lighting below the stands
Image Credit: Razer

Brand: Razer | | Battery Powered: No | Connectivity Technology: USB, 3.5mm Jack | Colour: Black | Weight: 4.41 pounds | Dimensions: ‎5.52 x 6.7 x 8.67 inches

Razer makes the list once again, but this time it's for their RBG Razer Nommo Chroma speakers.

RGB always seems to divide tastes, with some absolutely loving it and some preferring more understated looks. These speakers arguably combine both worlds...

The RGB lights on these can produce up to 16.8 million colours and are adjustable too, meaning you can really add some signature style to your setup.

On top of that, they're fantastic speakers too, featuring 3" woven glass fibre drivers plus rear bass ports designed to give you a great all-round listening experience whether it be gaming, movies or music.

A solid choice if you ask us and another real winner from the folks at Razer.

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How To Pick The Best Speakers For You

Making your way through what can seem like a see of audio specs can be a little tricky to navigate, so let's take a look at some of the key features you'll want to understand before making your choice.

What is frequency response in speakers?

You'll likely see this term thrown around a lot, and put simply it means how wide a selection of sounds the speakers can produce.

Typically speaking, the wider the better, with most people said to be able to hear between 20 Hz and 20,000 Hz.

Follow the above as a guide and you should be able to pick a speaker which delivers a wider range of sound.

What is an optical connection in speakers?

Despite the somewhat confusing name, optical connections are physical connections, which use fibre-optics to transfer data, which in the case of speakers means audio data.


It's one of the ways you can connect speakers, the other more common cable being an HDMI.

While HDMI cables may have the edge in terms of pure bandwidth, having the option for an optical connection on a speaker is still a nice-to-have.

What is Wattage in speakers?

Wattage is basically how powerful your speakers are. Smaller speakers, like some of the best Bluetooth speakers, come in at anything between 12 - 20W, while larger speakers can tip the scales at over 100W.

For most people, anything between 20 - 50W should be a good mark to hit for a home speaker, with home theatre setups predictably being more.

Are bigger speakers better?

Generally speaking, yes, but it all depends on what's best for your setup. A small room, for instance, doesn't need enormous speakers to fill it.

If you're filling a dance floor, then you may want to go all-in with something massive!

What is an HDMI-ARC connection in speakers?

More modern speakers and some of the best soundbars available will make use of an HDMI-ARC connection to TVs.

It's a specific HDMI channel designed to send audio signals as opposed to pictures, More modern TVs will have an ARC connection with it, and some speakers can be bundled with an HDMI to Optical adapter to provide users with a legacy option.

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