Best RGB Computer Speakers 2022: Our Top Picks For The Ultimate Setup

If you're all about RGB lighting and want the best speaker for your computer setup then we've got you covered.

RGB lighting can be a little divisive when it comes to personal taste, with it almost being the polar opposite to the minimal aesthetic trend that's doing the rounds as of late.

That being said, you can't deny that RGB packs a visual punch and certainly suits some gaming setups down to a tee.

The majority of the best speakers for gaming and best soundbars for gaming on the market are non-RGB, so it's actually trickier than you'd think to try and find something.

To get you started on your search, we've selected a few standout speakers based on specs, features and reviews which we think are well worth considering.

From a cracking pair for gaming in the Razer Nommo Chromas to a brilliant JBL pick with the JBL Quantum Duo, we're here to point you in the right direction.

Let's dive in!

Best RGB Computer Speakers

Best RGB Computer Speakers For Gaming - Razer Nommo Chroma

Best RGB Computer Speakers For Gaming
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Image Credit: Razer

Brand: Razer | Colour: Black | Battery Powered: No | Connectivity Technology: USB, 3.5mm Jack | Weight: 4.41 pounds | Dimensions: ‎5.52 x 6.7 x 8.67 inches

If you're looking to enhance your gaming setup with some RGB speakers, the Razer Nommo Chroma could be for you.

This set of speakers boasts 3" woven glass fibre drivers and rear bass ports to produce a higher range of frequency which should give you crisp clarity when gaming.

In terms of lighting, these speakers are equipped with vibrant RGB lights on their base which can produce up to 16.8 million colours and be adjusted to personalise your listening experience.

The Razer Nommo Chroma speakers not only look slick but should also produce some high-quality audio making them a solid choice for any gamer partial to all things RGB.

Best RGB Computer Speakers JBL - JBL Quantum Duo

Best RGB Computer Speakers JBL
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Image Credit: JBL

Brand: JBL | Colour: Black | Battery Powered: No | Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, USB | Weight: 3.86 Kilograms | Dimensions: ‎37.9 x 28.2 x 23.4 cm

When it comes to audio, JBL produces consistently high-quality sounds and the Quantum Duo RGB desktop speakers are a worthy choice for us.

These speakers boast QUANTUMSound signature technology which is designed specifically for gaming which should give you clear sounds whether it be footsteps or explosions.

In terms of lighting, these speakers come with RGB lights that are controlled from a button on the side of the device, featuring thrilling presets which are customisable to suit your personal taste.

Not only are the JBL Quantum Duo speakers great for computers, but they also have Bluetooth capabilities so you can listen from various devices such as a phone or tablet.

Best RGB Computer Speakers With Subwoofer- Logitech G G560

Best RGB Computer Speakers With Subwoofer
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Image Credit: Logitech

Brand: Logitech | Colour: Black| Battery Powered: No | Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, AUX, USB | Weight: 12.1 pounds | Dimensions: 10 x 8.1 x 15.9 inches

Another standout choice for RGB lovers and audiophiles alike is the Logitech G G560 speakers.

These speakers are powered by Logitech G LIGHTSYNC which means they can produce lighting effects to match the audio and visuals of many popular games with over 16.8 million colours.

Thanks to the powerful subwoofer these speakers can produce up to 240W of power which should be more than enough to fill any room and add to the realism when watching movies or gaming.

The Logitech G G560 are also highly versatile with the ability to connect to four devices at once so you can switch seamlessly between entertainment.

Best RGB Soundbar - Redragon GS560 Adiemus

Best RGB Computer Speakers Soundbar
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Image Credit: Redragon

Brand: Redragon | Colour: Black| Battery Powered: No | Connectivity Technology: AUX, USB | Weight: 1.98 pounds | Dimensions: 15.75 x 2.76 x 2.76 inches

The Redragon GS560 Adiemus could be the way to go if you're looking for a soundbar for your desktop setup with RGB lighting effects.

When it comes to RGB lighting, this soundbar includes presets from dynamic to solid colour choices which we think makes it a standout centrepiece for any gamers setup.

In terms of sound, this speaker is equipped with two 4W drivers which should produce crisp audio and should be enough to fill a small room.

Whether you're gaming, watching movies or listening to music we think the Redragon Adiemus is a good option to look into.

Best RGB Computer Speakers Budget Choice - Edifier G2000

Best RGB Computer Speakers Budget Choice
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Image Credit: Edifier

Brand: Edifier | Colour: Black | Battery Powered: No | Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, AUX, USB | Weight: 4.29 pounds | Dimensions: 9.96 x 9.21 x 5.47 inches

If you want some RGB speakers to liven up your desktop without breaking the bank, the Edifier G2000 may be the very thing you need.

These speakers offer twelve RGB light settings which means you can personalise your setup and add vibrant hues to your work or gaming space.

In terms of sound, these speakers produce a peak power of 32W which should easily be enough to fill a small room and a frequency range of 98 - 20,000 Hz, giving you a wide range of tones.

The Edifier G2000 speakers also come with Bluetooth, USB-C and 3.5mm inputs making them highly versatile to suit your needs and we think a brilliant addition to your home.

So there you have it, some of our top picks for RGB computer speakers. For more top picks be sure to check out some of the best Bluetooth speakers, best wireless speakers, and best soundbars for gaming!

Upcoming RGB Speakers

CES 2022 has been and gone, however, it seemed that news was light on the RGB speaker front, with the main focus being squared on new TVs from the likes of LG, Samsung, and Sony.

That being said, we can expect to see more RGB speakers head our way this year and we'd back on brands like Razer updating their current offerings.

LG did release an RGB soundbar recently, the GP9, so we don't expect to see any movement from them for a while in the RGB speaker department, but we're interested to see what brands like Logitech have up their sleeve...asides from the MX Master 4 that is.

We'll keep a sharp eye out and update this section when we hear more.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few questions that pop up time and time again, and we're here to clear a few things up!

Do I need a subwoofer with RGB computer speakers?

Having a subwoofer within your setup, like with the Logitech G G560 can be of major benefit if you're looking to add plenty of punch and low-end grunt to your set-up.

However, it isn't a must. If you're just looking for a capable stereo set-up, then the other options on our list such as the Razer Nommo Chroma are suitable contenders.

Are stereo speakers better than a soundbar better than for desktop?

If you're wanting proper multi-channel audio and separation, then going for stereo speakers can be a good idea.

Don't discount soundbars as an all-in-one solution for gaming audio though as they can sit nicely under a monitor, and still pack a lot of power, as is the case with the Redragon GS560 Adiemus.

Do I need additional software with RGB computer speakers?

For some speakers such as the JBL Quantum Duo, their out-of-the-box RGB settings should be plentiful for adding a bit of colour to your setup.

Despite this, others like the Razer Nommo Chromas can offer more advanced lighting customisation thanks to their integration with software such as Razer Synapse 3.

It's also possible, with Synapse, to connect the Chroma lighting up to other peripherals such as some of the best gaming mice, or even smart lighting such as Philips Hue.

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