Best Desktop Speakers 2021: Our Top Picks For November

Finding the best desktop speakers can really take your home office, or setup, to the next level, but with all the options out there, it can be a little tricky to pin down which one to go for.

We've done some of the legwork for you to get you started in your search, and selected a number of speakers based on specs, reviews, and features they offer.

From a cracking budget set in the Creative Pebble 2.0 to a brilliant premium pair like the Audioengine A2+s, we've got you covered right here with some of our top picks, plus our guide to finding the best desktop speakers for you.

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Let's get to it!

Best Desktop Speakers

Best Budget Desktop Speakers - Creative Pebble 2.0

Best desktop speakers two speakers small black
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Image Credit: Creative

Brand: Creative | Frequency Response: 100 Hz ~ 17 kHz | Connection: USB

Let's kick things off with what we think is one of the best budget choices for desktop, the Creative Pebble 2.0.

First off, it's super easy to connect via a USB connection to your PC or laptop, so you don't need to be an expert in audio wiring to get these firing.

When it comes to design, we think they look great, especially for the price and should fit the bill if you're looking for that minimal touch to your setup.

They measure in at only 4.4 inches wide, making them a good solution for smaller desks too.

We'd say if you're sticking to a budget or want a large step up from listening through monitor speakers or your laptop, the Creative Pebble 2.0 should do the trick nicely.

Best Premium All-Rounder - Audioengine A2+

Best desktop speakers audioengine two black speakers side by side
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Image Credit: Audioengine

Brand: Audioengine | Power: 60W | Dimensions: 6in x 4in x 5.25in | Connection: Wired/ Wireless/ USB/ RCA

For a quality, premium, all-rounder choice that fits the bill with a minimal, sleek design, we think these Audioengine A2+ speakers are certainly worth checking out.

They're easy to set up, with no receiver needed and no need to install any software, so again, you don't need to be an audio-wizz to get these up and running asap.

They pack a punch with their 60W peak power, but if you want to add a little more bass you can also purchase the subwoofer. Realistically, for most setups, these should be more than enough to give you quality, room-filling sound.

The design is a real winner in our eyes, and these speakers come in three different colours to match practically any setup, plus you can buy stands to elevate the angle of the speakers which both looks good and enhances your listening experience.

Best Mid-Range Desktop Speakers - PreSonus Eris E3.5-3.5" Near Field Studio Monitor

Best desktop speakers PreSonus two black speakers
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Image Credit: PreSonus

Brand: PreSonus | Frequency Response: 80 Hz - 20 kHz | Power: 25W per speaker | Dimensions: 6.4 x 5.6 x 8.3 | Connection: Wired

These PreSonus Eris speakers are a good option if you want to stick to a budget, but want something a little more high-end.

These speakers boast clearer sound thanks to their woven composite and low-frequency drivers, plus there are multiple ways to connect via its three audio inputs, making it a good call for those using anything from phones, tablets and more to play from.

When it comes to design, again, you've got a minimal look that when combined with a compact form factor should elevate your setup to the next level.

Accurate, versatile, and still pretty affordable, we think the PreSonus Eris are certainly worth checking out on your search.

Best Desktop Speaker With Subwoofer - Logitech Z407 Bluetooth Speakers

Best desktop speakers Logitech 2.1 setup with dial
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Image Credit: Logitech

Brand: Logitech | Power: 80W | Connection: Wired/ Wireless

Logitech creates a number of standout products, ranging from some of the best gaming headsets, all the way to the best mouses, so it's no surprise that they deliver the good with desktop speakers too.

This 2.1 Logitech Z407 is a good option for those who want to have some more bass in their setups, which naturally lends itself well to one of the best speakers for gamers around, especially for the price.

Alongside looking the part, it also features a handy control dial, where you can pause, skip or go back a track with a simple click.

Best Desktop Speakers Everyday Usage - Bose Companion 2 Series III

Best desktop speakers Bose two speakers side by side, black
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Image Credit: Bose

Brand: Bose | Power: Not stated | Dimensions: 7.5 x 3.1 x 5.9" per speaker | Connection: Wired/ Aux input

For speakers that you can easily use with your PC, laptop, phone or tablet, these Bose Companion 2 tick a fair few boxes.

In terms of price, they're not going to set you back too much, which is great considering that Bose can sometimes tip the scales.

They're not quite as flashy as the other speakers on this list, but if you're a fan of understated design these would be worth considering.

Best Desktop Speakers For Gaming - Razer Nommo Pro

Image Credit: Razer
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Image Credit: Razer

Brand: Razer | Power: Not Stated | Dimensions: 14 x 17 x 22 cm | Connection: Wired/ Aux input

If you're looking for the best desktop speakers to enhance your gaming setup, we think the Razer Nommo Pro is a solid choice.

In terms of audio quality, you're getting THX-certified full range 2.1 and Dolby digital surround sound technology which should sound fantastic with any game.

Also included is a powerful downward-firing subwoofer that boasts powerful defined bass output and improves the speaker's overall frequency range.

Also, one of the best RGB speakers the Razer Nommo Pro features customisable lights, which we think gives your gaming set-up a more personalised touch.

What To Look For In Desktop Speakers

There are few things to consider when looking for the best desktop speakers ranging from the obvious, like how they should be able to fit on your desk, to the not so obvious, like how much wattage you should go for.

Here are our two cents on a few frequently asked questions that should help you on your search.

Is it good to have Bluetooth with a desktop speaker?

Bluetooth is a great addition to desktop speakers that is well worth considering as it offers more flexibility when it comes to connecting devices.

If you want that smart home feel, when you can come in and easily connect your phone to speakers, then we'd say looking for a Bluetooth device should be the first point of call.

However, for desktops, it may not be 100% vital as they will likely be connected to your laptop or PC.

How much should you spend on desktop speakers?

Desktop speakers vary massively in price, and it's not uncommon to see some premium audiophile setups break the $1000 mark.

However, from what we've seen, going for something between $100 - $150 strikes a good balance between quality, design, and functionality.

Heading for over $300 tends to get you something that produces accurate, quality sound, and looks the part too.

It's all about what you're using them for. Everyday use? $100 or less should do the trick.

Producing music? Ready the wallet!

How much wattage should you get for desktop speakers?

A good mid-ground is around 50W, but depending on how loud you like to listen to your music it obviously changes a little.

How big should your desktop speakers be?

We'd highly recommend measuring up your desk space before going for a pair of desktop speakers, as you'd be surprised at how much real-estate they can take up, especially if you've got a large monitor, as things can get cramped easily.

You can go as big as you like, but we'd say stick to a more compact form factor if your desk is under 120cm wide to give you some breathing room.

Should you go for 2.0 or 2.1 desktop speakers?

Having an added subwoofer is pretty awesome...but more often than not quite unnecessary if you're listening to music at a reasonable volume.

This is, of course, completely down to you and we can see the appeal of having some serious bass, or even just the option for it!

We'd say that 2.1 desktop speakers lend themselves better to being some of the best speakers for gaming over everyday or home office use, thanks to their ability to ramp up immersion when playing.

Are 5.1 speakers worth it for PC?

Having a 2.0 or 2.1 setup for a desktop set of speakers can work rather well if you're an avid gamer, or you watch a lot of films.

But, if you want true surround sound, then a 5.1 setup may not be a bad investment, especially if your PC is your main hub for games and entertainment.

It just adds an extra level of immersion to the experience, but may not be worth it if you're already happy with your current setup.

Do desktop towers have speakers?

Desktop towers, unlike most laptops, usually do not have built-in speakers.

Therefore if you want to hear the sound without using headphones, you'll need a set of desktop speakers or a monitor that has built-in speakers.

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