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Best Monitor Arm 2021: Top Picks To Upgrade Your Setup

Getting the best monitor arm can completely transform your setup, but as always, it pays to know what to look for, and that's where we come in.

If you've bought one of the best gaming monitors on the market, then owning a monitor arm could further level up your setup to the level you deserve.

We've done the legwork for you and selected a number of monitor arms based on specs, reviews, price, and what type of usage they'd be best for. If you need a dual-monitor arm, you can also check out the best dual-monitor stands.


From convenient all-round arms like the Amazon Basics Single Monitor Stand to great gas-powered options like the Mountup Gas Powered Monitor Arm, we've got you covered right here, plus our own two cents on what to consider before you make your choice.

Let's get to it!

Best Monitor Arm


Best Monitor Arm All-Rounder - Amazon Basics Single Monitor Stand

Best monitor arm Amazon, Black monitor arm product image
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Image Credit: Amazon

Weight: 3.54kg | Max Monitor Weight: 11.3kg | Gas Powered: No

When it comes to monitor arms, the Amazon Basics range is a great go-to for practically every type you can think of.


This Amazon Basics monitor arm stands out for its unique design and accessible price range.

Unlike most single monitor arms, the supporting rail is low-profile, so if you do decide to have your monitor off centre, you won't have a tall pillar in view and can achieve that floating display look a lot easier.

The base is quite large, but needs to be in order for it to be secure, and for the minimalist out there, the logo is fairly inconspicuous also.

It's not gas-assisted, so if you're planning on adjusting your monitor height and angle a lot, you may want to consider some others on the list for a smoother experience, but for most people, this is a quality, great looking adjustable monitor arm well worth considering.

Best Basic Monitor Arm - Mountup Single Monitor Arm

Best monitor arm Mountup product image, with close up of C-clamp
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Image Credit: Mountup

Weight: 5.28 lbs | Max Monitor Weight: 17.6 lbs | Gas Powered: No

As far as going for something super basic, you really can't go wrong with this Mountup monitor arm.


Why go for this over some of the more adjustable arms out there? Well, not everyone needs the ability to adjust their display depth. In fact, these allow for arguably the most important adjustment out there - height.

This monitor arm is a great call for shallower desks, and its base clamp is practically as minimal as it gets, meaning you can hang on to that prime desktop real-estate.

A solid option for most setups and one that you can test the waters with first before splashing out on something with more functionality.

Best Adjustable Monitor Arm Budget - VIVO Single Monitor Arm

Best monitor arm vivo monitor arm
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Image Credit: VIVO

Weight: 6.27 lbs | Max Monitor Weight: 22 lbs | Gas Powered: No

For a good mid-ground option that won't break the bank, this Vivo single monitor arm should tick all the boxes.


On top of giving you that adjustability when needed, it also includes some cable management solutions too, which (if you're anything like us) are essential for keeping your setup looking clean.

If you find yourself changing seating positions regularly, or like to clear some space to use your desktop for something else, like drawing and designing, this is a great option as you can adjust the depth and angle of the display easily.

We think this Vivo monitor arm is certainly worth checking out on your search.

Best Gas-Assisted Monitor Arm - Mountup Gas Powered Monitor Arm

best monitor arm gas powered mountup, product picture of monitor arm from the back, with two closeups of C-clamps
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Image Credit: Mountup

Weight: ‎4.18 lbs | Max Monitor Weight: 17.6 lbs | Gas Powered: Yes

When it comes to gas-powered monitor arms, this Mountup monitor arm is one you'll want to look into.


Gas-powered or gas-assisted monitor arms basically make for super smooth transitions when you're adjusting the screen.

Who does that benefit? Well, anyone who finds themselves constantly re-adjusting their displays or those who double up their desktop as another working surface.

You're also getting tilt and swivel functionality here, and there's no vertical fixed beam insight, which gives your setup quite a premium aesthetic.

Another winner in our eyes from Mountup.

Best Monitor Arm For Large Screens - Ergotron HX Ultrawide Monitor Arm

Best monitor arm Ergotron product image white monitor arm with monitor
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Image Credit: Ergotron

Weight: ‎15.57 lbs | Max Monitor Weight: 42 lbs | Gas Powered: No

If you've bought a top ultrawide monitor recently and need a heavy-duty monitor arm, then look no further, as this Ergotron HX monitor arm is a bit of a beast in that department.


It holds up to a whopping 42 lbs, which is more than enough for even some of the biggest monitors, and on top of that, it's got a double C-clamp setup to add an extra level of sturdiness into the mix.

This features all the tilt, swivel and adjustability you'd expect from a premium monitor arm, plus built-in cable management solutions too.

It comes in three different colours, so you can take your choice of polished aluminium, white, or the epic matt black finish.

This Ergotron HZ monitor arm is a knockout choice for those with ultra-wide setups.

How To Pick The Best Monitor Arm

When it comes to finding the best monitor arm for you, there are a few specs and considerations you'll want to check out on your search.

Let's break down a few things, plus answer some of the most frequently asked questions around monitor arms.


What is the VESA measurement when looking at monitor arms?

So you'll find that many monitors (and TVs) have holes in the back of the displays, which are there so they can be mounted.

The VESA measurement is the distance between the holes and typically hits the 75mm x 75mm, 100mm x 100mm or 120mm x 120mm for monitors.

What you'll need to do is take a look at your monitor and measure up the distance between the holes (or Google your monitor as it should be listed in the specs) to make sure it fits with your chosen monitor arm.

If your monitor doesn't match up to the monitor arm specs, there are usually some separate plates that can be purchased to make it work, but overall, most monitors fit either 75mm x 75mm or 100mm x 100mm.

Is a monitor arm worth it?

Yes! They are one of the quickest and easiest ways to add another dimension to your home setup, and since they're height-adjustable they can help with alleviating neck strain too by keeping your display at the correct level.


Should you clamp the monitor arm, or drill it into your desk?

This one is up to you, but from our experience clamping a single monitor arm is usually sturdy enough - especially if you don't want to damage your great gaming desk.

Consider drilling it in if you want another level of sturdiness and if you don't mind getting the toolbox out!

Should you get a gas-powered monitor arm or not?

Gas-powered is good if you're adjusting your monitor all the time, but apart from that, it's not essential.

Furthermore, they tend to be a little bulkier, which may not be everyone's cup of tea design-speaking.

But for smooth adjustments and movement they're unmatched, so think about your primary usage for your monitor and go from there.


How much should you spend on a monitor arm?

You'll be glad to know that you don't need to shell out too much for a quality monitor arm.

The price goes up with added functionality, so you're looking at anything between $25 for a basic monitor arm all the way to around $300 for a heavy-duty, gas-powered arm.

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