How to get Bloody Clothes in Dead by Daylight

Bloody clothes in Dead by Daylight

Bloody clothes in Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight isn't just about Survivors and Killers trying to outdo one another, it's also a haven for those looking to out-fashion everyone with their bloody clothes looks. Alright, that last line was a joke but the question still stands: how do you get bloody clothes in Dead by Daylight?

Survivors and Killers all have different cosmetics, with original killers mostly getting the hoard of original, unique designs. However, one thing everyone has in common is bloody clothing and the way to get it.

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What is Bloody Clothes in Dead by Daylight?

Despite being hit and slashed at a lot, Survivors never get any blood on them. It doesn't make sense - we see the blood splatter, and the Killer even wipes blood off their weapons sometimes. So where is the blood? What about our immersion?

Bloody Clothes is a cosmetic that is available to Survivors after they Prestige their Bloodweb, granting them a bloody head, torso and leg cosmetic each time they do so. In that way, they're almost like the now-defunct Legacy skins.

How to get Bloody Clothes in Dead by Daylight

To get Bloody Clothes in Dead by Daylight you'll need to Prestige your Bloodweb 3 times. This means you'll need to level up the Survivor or Killer you want to Prestige up to level 50 by completing the Bloodweb.

Once you reach Level 50, you'll need to press the icon right in the middle of the Bloodweb. Keep holding down onto it, and the game will warn you that you're about to Prestige your character. Your character will get a piece of their Bloody Clothes cosmetics. Even Licensed Killers and Survivors, such as Michael Myers and Laurie Strode have Bloody Clothes cosmetics.

Players will have to do this 3 times to get the first set, with subsequent prestiges granting you more.

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