How to get the Legacy Skins in Dead By Daylight

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When Dead by Daylight first released in 2016 they had a lot of features and cosmetics that are no longer available, such as Legacy Skins.

These skins were rewarded to players during the prestige system, which allowed players to upgrade their characters by filling in their bloodweb, a feature that lets you pick up new items, perks, as well as add-ons for your items. Once players reached maximum prestige, they would be rewarded with one out of three parts of a Legacy Skin.

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What are Legacy Skins in Dead by Daylight?

Before patch 1.3.0, Survivors and Killers road to prestiging their characters was extremely long and grindy. So, Behavior Interactive wanted to reward players for doing their utmost to grind and make their characters shine by giving them Legacy Skins.

The Legacy Skins were considered to be 'touched' by the Entity, making them have a gold, burn-like quality that stuck to the Survivors and Killers clothes and faces. For each prestige level (of 3) that you earned with a certain Survivor and Killer, you would earn a set of Legacy clothing.

How to get Legacy Skins in Dead by Daylight?

Unfortunately, after the event in patch 1.3.0, Legacy Skins were no longer able to be grinded for and was eventually replaced with the Bloody Clothing cosmetics. The developers have stated that they will not be bringing Legacy Skins back either, making it impossible for players after the 1.3.0 patch to earn Legacy clothing.

The only Survivors with Legacy Skins are Dwight, Jake, Claudette, and Meg, whereas for Killers it is The Wraith, The Hillbilly, The Nurse, and The Trapper.

Can you still get Legacy Skins in Dead by Daylight?

The only way to receive Legacy Skins now is through mods, or through accounts being sold online with the Legacy Skins. Considering how sketchy both of these methods are, we wouldn't recommend doing either.

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