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Dead By Daylight Michael Myers Build Guide: The Best Killer Perks, Powers, Add-Ons and Tips

While The Nurse was the very first female Killer to be added to Dead by Daylight, Michael Myers aka The Shape was the first licensed Killer and boy, did he and Survivor Laurie Strode make quite the entrance.

Michael Myers is referred to as The Shape throughout Dead by Daylight, but for convenience sake we’ll just be using his full name for this guide. After all, who can forget a man as terrifying as Myers?

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To understand Michael Myers and how best to use him effectively, you’ll first have to understand his power, add-ons, and perks.

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Dead By Daylight Michael Myers Killer Guide: Perks

Michael Myers has three unique perks that can be unlocked for other Killers via the Bloodweb.

  • Save the Best for Last - Each time you hit a Survivor that isn’t your Obsession with a Basic Attack, you gain 1 token up to a max of 8 tokens. You gain a stackable 5% cooldown reduction on successful attacks per Token, up to a max of 40%. If you hit your Obsession however, you lose 4/3/2 Tokens and if your Obsession is Killed or Sacrificed you’re unable to gain or lose anymore Tokens.

  • Dying Light - Each time you Hook a Survivor that isn’t your Obsession, you gain 1 token up to a max of 11. For as long as the Obsession is alive, other Survivors suffer from a stackable 2/2.5/3% penalty to Repairing, Healing, and Sabotaging speeds per Token. The downside to this however is that your Obsession gains a permanent 33% speed to Unhooking and Healing other Survivors.

  • Play With Your Food - Each time you let your Obsession escape in a Chase, you gain 1 token out of 3. Each token applies a 3/4/5% stackable Haste status effect, making you quicker up to a max of 9/12/15%. Attacking with a Basic Attack or Special Attack loses you 1 token.

Dead By Daylight Michael Myers Killer Guide: Power

Michael Myers' power is called Evil Within.

Evil Within is a power that comes in three Tiers, with Michael Myers starting at Tier 1 the moment a game starts. At Tier 1, Michael is granted the Undetectable status effect with a slightly decreased Movement and Lunge range.

At Tier 2, Michael has a reduced Terror Radius of 16 metres, but with a regular Movement and Lunge range, as well as an increased Vault speed. He is unable to go back to Tier 1 at this point.

Once at Tier 3, Survivors gain the Exposed status effect - meaning they can be put into the Dying state with one hit - for 60 seconds. Michael also gains a regular Terror Radius of 32 metres, with an increased Lunge range and a moderately increased Vault speed.

To increase in Tiers, Michael Myers must first find Survivors and use his Stalk ability and gain points. Survivors have a limited amount of Stalk points, which is conveyed through the outline they display when being Stalked. If they have a white outline, they haven’t yet been stalked and so you can gain points from them. However, if they have a red outline then you will get very little to nothing from Stalking this Survivor.

Dead By Daylight Michael Myers Killer Guide: Best Add-Ons

Michael Myers add-ons are mostly used to increase/decrease his Terror Radius and affect his Stalk ability. However there are some add-ons that are incredibly fun for Michael Myers players who just want to play the big man as he should - by being scary as all hell.

  • Fragrant Tuft of Hair - An add-on that gives you unlimited Tier 3, meaning all Survivors are a one-hit down. Even better when paired with Judith’s Tombstone - which lets you Kill Survivors without Hooking them while in Tier 3 - to mop up Survivors during mid to end-game. An incredibly strong couple of Iridescent add-ons.

  • Judith’s Journal - Moderately increases the amount of Evil (Stalk points) you gain from your Obsession. Very useful for when you’re trying to get to Tier 3 as fast as possible, and best paired with the perk Play With Your Food for maximum speed and devastation.

  • J.Myers Memorial - Moderately increases the amount of Evil you gain from Survivors. Again, this is fairly useful when combined with other add-ons that help with causing absolute mayhem when you reach Tier 3 as it not only focuses on the Obsession.

  • Tombstone Piece - This allows you to kill Survivors (Healthy or Injured) by your own hand when you have Tier 3. This is effective for thinning the herd of Survivors fairly quickly, and while it considerably drains your Evil to kill a Survivor, it doesn’t take as much to get to Tier 3 as it would with the Iridescent add-ons.

Dead By Daylight Michael Myers Killer Guide: Tips and Tricks

  • Use Perks that let you know where Survivors are, such as Discordance. These are particularly useful when you’re in Tier 1, as you can find people quickly to Tier up and get better Movement and Lunge range.
  • Try to grab Survivors off a Generator during Tier 1. Your Terror Radius is incredibly small at Tier 1, making it easier for you to sneak up on Survivors and grab them without getting into a Chase.
  • One of the best times to Stalk Survivors is near Pallets as they get stuck in an animation if they throw the Pallet and can’t do anything to hide from you. It’s a fast way to Tier up.
  • Michael Myers starts out slow at the start of a match, so slowdown perks like Hex: Ruin or Corrupt Intervention goes a long way for players just looking to get to Tier 2 as fast as they can.
  • Scratched Mirror Myers is the best add-on if you want to play Michael as he is in his movies. You’re constantly stuck in Tier 1, but you’re able to see Survivors through walls - meaning you can get the jump on them by waiting around corners or hiding behind walls near Generators. It’s absolutely terrifying but so, so fun to play.
  • Infectious Fright paired with Tier 3 Michael Myers is very powerful, as if you down someone and the Perk activates you’re able to move onto your next victim and cause a snowball effect against Survivors. Though only do this if you’re certain you can get other Survivors down otherwise you’ll lose pressure.