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Dead By Daylight The Doctor Build Guide: The Best Killer Perks, Powers, Add-Ons and Tips

The Doctor was introduced to Dead by Daylight in Chapter IV: Spark of Madness - adding Survivor Feng Min alongside him. He is a Killer that is excellent at crowd control, thanks to his power that shocks people and makes them scream.

Excellent in a chase, The Doctor received a complete rework in Patch 3.5.0. This guide will only be looking at the current The Doctor, and not his power before the rework.

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However, to understand The Doctor and how best to use him effectively, you’ll need to understand his power, add-ons, and perks.

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Dead By Daylight The Doctor Killer Guide: Perks

The Doctor has three unique perks that can be unlocked for other Killers via the Bloodweb.

  • Overwhelming Presence - When Survivors use an item whilst in your Terror Radius, the item depletion rate increases by 80/90/100%

  • Overcharge - When you kick a Generator, the next Survivor to touch it faces a difficult Skill Check. Failing the Skill Check results in an additional loss of 3/4/5% worth of progress.

  • Monitor and Abuse - Your Terror Radius increases by 8 metres. Whenever you are outside of a Chase, your Terror Radius decreases by 16 metres and your FOV (field of view) increases by 3/5/10°. This gain in FOV does not stack.

Dead By Daylight The Doctor Killer Guide: Power

The Doctor’s Power is called Carter’s Spark.

Gifted the power of electricity by the Entity, The Doctor is able to initiate two special abilities - Shock Therapy and Static Blast.

Shock Therapy unleashes a ranged, cone shock attack on the ground in front of The Doctor. Survivors hit by Shock Therapy gain an increase in Madness, and will scream. As for Static Blast, The Doctor unleashes an electric blast that catches all Survivors within his Terror Radius. The ability then goes on cooldown for 60 seconds.

With these two abilities being used on them, Survivors gain Madness - a status effect that causes them to scream, see illusionary Doctors, harder Skill Checks and once they reach Tier 3 of Madness, are unable to perform actions like Healing, Repairing, Sabotaging, Searching or Cleansing until they Snap Out of It.

Survivors can negate The Doctor’s ability to cause them to scream via getting into Lockers and/or equipping the perk Calm Spirit.

Dead By Daylight The Doctor Killer Guide: Best Add-Ons

The Doctor’s add-ons don’t do anything that changes his base kit in any significant way, and in that regard can be somewhat disappointing. That said, there are some great add-ons all the same and here are just a few.

  • Iridescent King - This Iridescent add-on puts a red, illusionary stain behind Survivors, gives them a faint Terror Radius, and causes illusionary Pallets and Doctors to appear. Not only is this confusing for the Survivor, but it’s great for tracking Survivors too as The Doctor is able to see illusionary Doctors and Pallets.

  • Iridescent Queen - With Iridescent Queen, Survivors gain a lingering Static Charge effect when stuck by Shock Therapy or Static Blast. This passes onto other Survivors, who scream as though they’ve been hit by a Static Blast and as such, causes an increase in Madness. Again, great for tracking and controlling Survivors.

  • Restraint - Class III - Survivors Auras are revealed for 2 seconds when their Madness increases to another Tier. The Doctor can see illusionary Doctors, and it moderately increases the time you can see them.

  • High Stimulus Electrode - Increases the range of Shock Therapy, making it easier to stop Survivors at Vaults and Pallets.

Dead By Daylight The Doctor Killer Guide: Tips and Tricks

  • The Doctor should use his Shock Therapy in areas where he can see the Survivor is going, particularly at Pallets so Survivors get shocked before they can drop the Pallet and you can hit them. This goes for Vaults too as Survivors won’t be able to Vault when screaming.

  • Don’t use your Static Blast while in corners, it’s best used in the centre of small maps so there’s a higher chance of you hitting someone.

  • Despite it being his own Perk, do not use Monitor and Abuse with The Doctor as it actually shortens the range of your Static Blast when you aren’t in a Chase. An absolutely useless Perk for The Doctor.

  • If you can hit a Survivor without the use of your Shock Therapy, then do so. Shock Therapy slows you down to use it and slowing yourself down while in a Chase is not something you want to do when you can easily just down someone with your Basic Attack.

  • To increase your Terror Radius as The Doctor is a good thing for his Static Blast - so use Distressing instead of Monitor and Abuse.

  • Non-Stop-Shock is a build for The Doctor that makes it increasingly harder for Survivors to do well on Skill Checks. You’ll need to use perks like Huntress Lullaby, Distressing, Unnerving Presence and Ruin for maximum effect.