Cyberpunk 2077 Has Now Sold 13 Million Copies

Cyberpunk 2077's launch has been one of the most controversial in recent memory, but the game has still sold five million copies since launching on December 10.

CDPR confirmed via a memo that this number included sales across PC and consoles, as well as factoring in returns and refund requests, but stopped short of noting how many refunds have been requested or processed.

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Cyberpunk 2077 Has Now Sold 13 Million Copies

It's a staggering number considering the impact of the game's glitches and issues.

Previously, CDPR had confirmed that 8 million copies had been sold through pre-orders and that the game had recouped both its development and marketing costs.

In the weeks since, however, the company's stock price dropped significantly after CD Projekt Red apologised for the state of the console versions of the game before offering refunds.

Industry analyst Daniel Ahmad of Niko Partners noted that the stats have been revealed to increase investor confidence in the company.

“Essentially the disclosure was made to reassure investors that the game still had a record-breaking launch despite the controversy,” Ahmad notes.

“It’s certainly up there with RDR2 and the top Call of Duty titles.”

In the week and a half following launch, Microsoft has begun accepting all refunds, while Sony has delisted the game from the PlayStation store.

CDPR has even offered to refund the game themselves.

Even once those refunds are paid, there's the potential for a lawsuit, leaving many to wonder if the Polish studio can ever recover the goodwill that Cyberpunk 2077's release has cost them.

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