Cyberpunk 2077 Romance Options, Partners And Guide

Cyberpunk 2077 is here, and as you'd expect from the studio that bought you Geralt's bathtub scene, there are plenty of intimate moments to be had in Night City.

There are several romantic options, but some are only available depending on V's gender, as well as some that need to be interacted with in specific ways.

Here are all the ones we know of so far.


There are a total of seven romantic partners you have the choice of interacting with during your adventure. 

They all have different outcomes, and you may prefer some more than others. 

The names of all seven romantic options are: 

  • Rogue Amendiares
  • Alt Cunningham
  • Meredith Stout
  • River Ward
  • Panam Palmer
  • Judy Alvarez 
  • Joy-Toys


Basic Premises 

Here is a basic overview of each partner and how you can interact with them!


This one is not one of the true partners you can interact with, it is essentially a pleasure center for you during your adventure within Cyberpunk.

Nothing more is to really make of Joy-Toys, and you will visit this one quite frequently during the main story! 


Judy Alvarez

You will run into Judy before you complete the first section of Cyberpunk.

At one point during your conversation with Judy, you will be given the option to partake in a pleasant distraction with her. 

This will trigger the relationship with her, but only if you're playing as the female V.


Panam Palmer

Panam is one of the partners you may want to keep around; as she will open up some of the multiple endings within Cybperunk.

She is part of the Nomad Clan and you will encounter her during the main story. 


River Ward

One of the only male options you have within Cyberpunk; River is one of the cops you meet during the game. 

There are some side quests you can partake in with River during the game, and these will improve your relationship with him. 

You will eventually have the option to state if you are more than friends with River if you choose this option.


Meredith Stout

Moving on, Meredith is one of the side story partners that will be unlockable with the mission The Pick Up. 


Rogue Amendiares

Rogue has a long history with Johnny Silverhand and you will have the ability to get to know a little bit during the story.

This will involve some side missions which should not take long! 


Alt Cunningham

Last but not least, Alt is one of the flashback sequences you encounter through Johnny Cunningham and you will find out a little bit about her past as well! 


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