Cyberpunk 2077: Secret Message Found In Launch Trailer Hints At Future DLC Plans

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Cyberpunk 2077 is only two days away at the time of writing, and we like so many others just cannot wait for it to release.

The last major release of 2020 is going to conclude the year with a bang.


Reviews have now been pilling in, and so far so good for the most part.

Today, CD Projekt Red revealed the final trailer for the game.

The launch trailer looks amazing, and it appears it also contains a secret message.

Here's what it says! 




PC Gamer was the first set of eyes to spot this hidden message.

You can view the original article here for better reference.


Basically, towards the end of the trailer; CD Projekt has left a message for fans regarding the game's release along with future plans.

It reads. 

Our planned expansions will take you even deeper into the world of Cyberpunk 207, offering substantial, story-driven content that'll give you tough choices to make through impactful narratives that you won't soon forget

But before we get there, we'll first be kicking off our free DLC program in early 2021. Just like with The Witcher 3, expect an assortment of free DLC packs to begin hitting Night City, dropping a bunch of cool stuff that'll inject even more life into the world of the dark future. - via PC Gamer


As well, check out the still image of the hidden text below. 

Photo via PC Gamer

So, the free DLC program is going to kick off in Q1 2021.


We do not know anything regarding this DLC pack as of now, but we can assume it is going to add an alternative story to the game along with some possible weapons! 

Let us know if you are excited for the games release in just two days.