The Biggest Characters Of The Elite Series

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If you asked us what our favourite thing about the Gfinity Elite Series is, the answer would probably be: seeing the best esports talent in the world go head-to-head in top level competition....and the pop-offs.Yes, the big personalities and memorable celebrations are just a few of our favourite things in the Elite Series, and fortunately there's no shortage of characters who've lit up the arena in the first two seasons. Trash talk, whiteboards, breakdancing, salt baes, and outright disrespect – we love it, and we know you do too. So let's take a look at some of the most charismatic players to have graced our stage and wowed the crowds.



SFV: TKRFrankly, this could've gone to any of the Team Envy SFV players, particularly Layo after his breakdancing shenanigans in the semi-final win over exceL. But let's give it to the team captain and King of Salt Bae himself, TKR. There's no-one quite like him to rub - or sprinkle - salt in the wounds after blowing an opponent away in SFV. He's even developed the Salt Bae into his own intricate dance. When someone puts as much effort into their pop-offs as they do their gameplay techniques, TKR is the the result – and we love him for it. Here's to more from TKR and his teammates as they defend their title in Season 3.SFV: ImStillDaDaddyWhen we heard that former Infused captain ImStillDaDaddy had made the switch to Method for Season 3, we were happy for several reasons. Not just because a talented player would remain in the Elite Series, but also because frankly, the Gfinity Arena just wouldn't be the same without him. The man who hosts 'the most entertaining stream in the FGC' (his words, not ours) also led Infused with verve and gusto last season as they marched into back-to-back semi-finals. He and his teammates never took a backwards step, particularly in a tense showdown with Method for the final playoff spot in Week 7. The prospect of him and former teammate Gun Slinga – known for his Undertaker throat-slitting pop-offs – facing off in Elite Series 3 is as enticing a matchup as any. Let's hope it happens.

RL: Rix RondayAnyone who scores a record number of goals in a season, including some of the most outrageous we've ever seen in Rocket League competition, is going to get on this list without even needing to leave their seat. That's exactly what earns Rix Ronday his spot, with his level of goalscoring skill often hitting jaw-dropping levels throughout Season 2. Rix took the Golden Boot award with ease and lead Reason Gaming to the Rocket League trophy and overall Franchise Championship. Wherever he lands next, let's hope we see him back in the Gfinity Arena soon doing what he does best: making a mockery of defences.(Bonus shoutout to his RL team manager DuckMoriarty, who lived EVERY SINGLE MOMENT of Reason's playoff matches – we all felt his exhaustion and jubilation when they finally crossed the winning line!)RL: TinnySpeaking of outrageous goals, Tinny seemed to know no other way of scoring them in Rocket League Season 2. Many of his jubilant celebrations came from seemingly surprising himself at how spectacular those goals were. He spoke for us all when he yelled 'WHAT WAS THAT?!' over and over at his own winning goal in the semi-final against Prophecy, a beautiful chip shot from the halfway line. If even you don't know, Tinny, then what chance have we got? Either way, he was brilliantly entertaining as his Endpoint team came just short of defending their Season 1 title, losing to Rix Ronday's Reason in a heart-pounding final. With Endpoint departing the Elite Series, here's hoping we get to see Tinny's antics in the Gfinity Arena again someday.SFV: Ki113r_7Did you really think we were going to forget about everyone's favourite teacher by day, fighting gamer by night? No way.The leader of the #FKEEArmy and the man who taught us all the first rule of SFV: Respect Reason, Ki113r_7 was an instant sensation when he made his debut for Reason and defeated Confz in his first matchup. The whiteboard pop-offs went viral immediately, and overnight he became one of SFV's most beloved figures as he contributed to Reason's incredible upset victory over Envy. Team captain Undacuva described his squad as 'the people's champions', and no-one won over the Gfinity audience quite like Mr Masood. Just don't tell him how to spell 'free'.Fancy a chance at sharing a stage with these guys? The Gfinity Challenger Series is underway right now, with the top 30 for each game going through to the Elite Series Draft for Season 3. Get yourself registered here – the Challenger Series is waiting for you.