CS: GO Team Airlya Is Accused Of Cheating After Beating A Well-known Team

CS: GO has faced a lot of cheating allegations in the past. It feels like it happens every time someone big loses. Another accusation is thrown at a relatively unknown team because they won.

We have provided the clips below, along with a video that explains them all. As much as it looks suspicious, I think it's important to let the appropriate authorities handle it before making any accusations. CS: GO tournaments adhere to the principle that everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

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CS: GO Hacking Scandal

The idea that a team would cheat while being watched seems strange. There have been many false accusations of CS: GO teams cheating in the past, but I am not saying it never happens. Some people don't like it when others are better or better than them, which could always be the case.

I've included a tweet with a clip that I consider the most likely out of all presented, which isn't that abnormal in a game of CS: GO.

Check out Esports Talk's video where they gather all of the evidence against the CS: GO team. You should also keep in mind they agree with me that you should not believe any accusations until everything is settled.

See the clips at 2:05 in the video.

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Some have suggested that a USB program might have run it. The argument against that is that any time a program is run, it leaves a footprint. Of course, they could have deleted the footprints using an alternative program.

For the average viewer, it isn't straightforward. For this reason, there are teams responsible for making sure everything goes smoothly at every tournament. Let them do their job before making a definitive statement.

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