Shroud Rips Into "Ancient" CS:GO And Says VALORANT Is Better

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Even though he now plays VALORANT, Michael' Shroud' Grzesiek remains a loyal fan of CS:GO. He can't help but go back to the game every now and then as a former CS:GO pro. Sadly, this most recent time will not be one he forgets anytime soon.

Before the great migration of CS:GO players left, Shroud moved to VALORANT. The biggest departure of a pro is probably his, but to see him come back and trash the game is quite unusual. He was DDOS'd pretty fast after returning, so it's not like it was undeserving.


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Shroud gets DDOS attack while playing CS:GO; sticks to VALORANT

When Shroud plays CS:GO, you expect something amazing but not like this. As soon as he started a match, another player DDOSd him. Then, he had to deal with the old system, which completely locked down his friend's.

The clip is here:


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CS:GO is in a deplorable state right now. VALORANT doesn't have to work very hard to gain players; it just has to wait. In the words of Shroud:

"No, for real though, that's a big problem with CS. It's really messy, and it's so hard to play. Like it's accessibility is f***ing just awful. Like look at this, if this was VALORANT we open up the game and just play."

Shroud even said:

"This game is bad… There's a reason why the next map's called ancient bro, because this f***ing back is ancient."

Like VALORANT, CS:GO has a steady stream of players but it's just not accessible for new people. It is not good for CS:GO when the hate comes from someone who used to enjoy the game.