CS:GO Pro Tarik Offers Reasons Why Pros Keep Leaving For VALORANT

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'Tarik' Tarik Celik is well aware that many CS:GO players are leaving for VALORANT. Both games are pretty similar in terms of playstyle, although one is more realistic than the other. Despite this, Tarik believes it has more to do with playing in North America than the games themselves.

CS: GO's most significant name to leave for VALORANT is probably Shroud, but he left to take on a new challenge. Tarik's reasoning still suggests that Shroud wouldn't be affected by the North American issues. The issue is that North American pros aren't given enough opportunities in CS:GO.


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Why CS:GO players keep moving to VALORANT

Since Riot Games introduced VALORANT in 2020, players have flocked to the 5v5 shooter. In the beginning, it didn't seem strange; even Splitgate is enjoying attention from being the new kid on the block, thanks to its newfound popularity. Today, it is well known that players who are skilled in CS:GO will have opportunities in Valorant.

Tarik was open and honest about the situation. North American teams have low salaries, bored players, and VALORANT is a new, exciting concept. Here's the video clip found by Dexerto.


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Because the audio on the video isn't excellent, here's a transcript of what was said:

"Do you think CS Pros leaving for VALORANT is upsetting? [inaudible] I like VALORANT but I think it's unfortunate CS is good losing Pro spots. It's definitely unfortunate, but you can't blame them because there's no opportunity for uh… For them in NA. It sucks but that's just the situation right now. Like, there's just not enough team salary in NA and also people are starting to get bored with CS I guess. I don't know… It's something new and exciting, but yeah, I agree it's unfortunate."

Jake' Stewie2k' Yip's move to VALORANT sparked this question. Many consider Stewie2k to be one of the best globally, so his movement is as impressive as Shroud's once was.