Wrapped Luna Holders May Still Receive A Luna 2.0 Airdrop - Here's How

Wrapped Luna

Wrapped Luna

Wrapped Luna holders may have felt worse off when the Luna 2.0 airdrop first happened, but there is still hope for WLUNA holders waiting for Luna 2.0.

After the Luna crypto crash, Terraform Labs founder Do Kwon issued a Luna recovery plan that would restart the chain. With this, Luna Classic would be left behind, as would Wrapped Luna, which still follows LUNC.

However, amid Luna 2.0 price crashes, Wrapped Luna holders could still get their hands on some new Terra Luna.

Wrapped Luna Holders Luna 2.0 Airdrop

As posted by Fat Man, an anonymous Twitter user dedicated to covering Terra, he outlined how holders of Wrapped Luna could redeem their share of Luna 2.0

According to Fat Man, the Terra team is currently in the process of indexing the blockchains, bridges and wormholes that supported Luna, to allocate their share of a community pool.

As Wrapped Luna was supported via the Shuttle bridge on the Ethereum blockchain, then theoretically its holders would be eligible for some portion of airdropped tokens.

FatMan further announced that the airdrop will be based on snapshot blocks from the original proposal. As such, he highlighted that buying WLUNA would not entitle users to become eligible for the drop.

He also tempered expectations by noting that since most of the Wrapped Luna is held on Coinbase, it will be up to the exchange to distribute this Luna 2.0. There is no Coinbase Luna 2.0 support, however. As Coinbase has removed Wrapped Luna trading, there's no knowing how this would pan out.

"Whether Coinbase decides to pass their airdrop onto users or not is something that only they can answer," FatMan said.

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