World Cup Inu (WCI) climbs 2000% in 14 days

World Cup Inu

World Cup Inu

World Cup Inu's platform allows users to participate in sports betting and lottery prizes.

Traders can use crypto to bet on sports teams and win crypto rewards.

WCI has risen over 2000% in the last 14 days and has been promoted by Arturo Vidal, a Chilean footballer.

What is World Cup Inu (WCI)?

World Cup Inu is a sports betting token that allows crypto traders to bet on their favourite sports teams via the Ethereum network directly from their web3 wallets.

Bets made by users are saved in a smart contract. The betting data is then retrieved after a sports event and a winner is declared from all the submitted bets.

Once the winner has been chosen, the prize pool is sent to that user's web3 crypto wallet.

The WCI platform also implements a 10% tax on all bets. Tokens earned through the tax are later used for World Cup Inu's lottery pools where holders can participate for a chance to win one of WCI's regular lottery rounds.

World Cup Inu was recently endorsed by Chilean footballer Arturo Vidal. Vidal's backing suprised Crypto Twitter and crypto traders.

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