CK1: Shiba Inu Team Tweet Out CK1 Teaser, But What Could It Mean?

CK1. These three letters were enough to send the Shiba Inu community into speculation mode, with Shiba project lead Shytoshi Kusama posting a series of tweets focused on the term.

While it could be a somewhat harmless or meaningless tweet, it was then followed up by videos and posts by members of the Shiba Growth team. This suggests that it is linked to a tangible SHIB-related project to join the likes of the John Richmond collaboration, or the Welly restaurant partnership.

So, as the community continues to wait for more Shibarium news, here’s what the CK1 term could mean for SHIB.

What is the Shiba Inu CK1 Teaser?

On Twitter, Shytoshi posted a tweet simply stating: “CK1”. Several Growth breed members, including Kraken, then posted similar tweets, with Kraken included a video teaser.

Initial thoughts, and what Google tells you, is that CK1 is a type of Calvin Klein fragrance. At a first glance, this could suggest Shiba Inu has secured a Calvin Klein partnership, similar to the AXE Dogecoin bodyspray.

However, this appears to have been debunked by Kraken, a member of the Defence and Growth Breed. They tweeted it was not Calvin Klein, leaving the mystery still open.

Other SHIB holders have speculated that the CK1 teaser relates to Crusader Kings 1, a strategy RPG developed by Paradox Interactive. While the Shiba Inu Game is being developed by Playside Studios, ruling out Paradox’s role here, the Shiba Inu metaverse is a different story.

The AAA studio intended to lead the artistic elements of the metaverse has yet to be announced. Could Paradox be leading these metaverse efforts?

Well, perhaps not. Once again, Kraken dismissed the link to Crusader Kings.

So, what are we left with? Well, not much. Could the C stand for crypto? Maybe. Is it a new token? Probably not. The AIDC F-CK1 Ching-Kuo fighter jet? Less likely.

One guess we have seen suggests CK could relate to Carl Kwoh, the VP of Phoenix Labs. Kwoh spoke at GDC - an event Shiba Game developer William Volk also attended.

Regardless, given the number of individuals close to SHIB who have tweeted CK1, it's likely not long until we learn the official details.

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