Shiba Inu Burn Worth $100,000 Proposed As Bigger Entertainment Announces SHIB Music Game

Crypto record label Bigger Entertainment just revealed its most ambitious Shiba Inu burn yet as part of the fundraising efforts for its SHIB music game.

By selling SHIB-based postcards, the label hopes to burn almost 3 billion SHIB.

After the Shiba Inu AMA ended last night, the label’s owner, Steven Cooper, made the announcement via Twitter, describing it as “the ultimate crypto music game”. Here’s what Bigger Entertainment revealed.

Shiba Crypto Music Game

Bigger Entertainment’s blockchain game, MixDraft, will be a “music fantasy league game” described in a blog post as the “ultimate Battle Of The Bands online”.

“This will be our largest, ongoing project throughout 2022,” the post said.

We don’t know much about how the gameplay will fully work just yet, but we do know it will include NFT characters of artists and real-world music statistics and voting. It will also use the SHIB token in some form, with players at the top of the leaderboard winning SHIB.

It may be quite a while before MixDraft launches, however. The breakdown of the fundraising for development mentions two years’ worth of fees.

Huge SHIB Burn Proposal

So, where does SHIB burning come into this?

Shiba Inu burning will encompass part of Bigger Entertainment’s fundraising efforts for MixDraft. By selling up to 25,000 Shiba Inu To The Moon postcards for $6, the label will allocate $1 from each card to be burned. This could burn up to $100,000 in SHIB, or 2.95 billion SHIB at current prices.

The other $5 from the postcards is distributed between printing/packaging, shipping, taxes, and game development.

Bigger Entertainment has sent 884m SHIB to the dead wallet at the time of writing. The label raised this through various projects, including its SHIB Burner playlist and Shiba Christmas Party. It also plans to hold three additional burn events starting in Q1 2023.

This wasn’t Cooper’s only announcement, however. He followed up by reassuring his followers that they are creating the now-defunct STEPS app, a Shiba Inu burning pedometer proposed by Ask The Doctor. “We are confirmed for building the SHIB FIT fitness app,” he tweeted. “[We] will announce our partnership with who’s building it soon.”

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