Shiba Bowl: SHIB Holders React To eToro Shiba Inu Dog Commercial During Super Bowl

Shiba Inu logo on football pitch.
Credit: Unsplash/Thomas Park

Shiba Inu logo on football pitch.
Credit: Unsplash/Thomas Park

The eToro Super Bowl advert has SHIB holders celebrating after featuring a Shiba Inu dog during the commercial.

Speculation among Shiba Inu holders was rife ahead of the Super Bowl, who suspected SHIB could feature prominently in a cryptocurrency-based advert during the game. Some even suggested Robinhood could announce a SHIB listing, but this did not occur.

Here’s how it all went down.

Shiba Inu Super Bowl

With reports of several cryptocurrency-based commercials running during the Super Bowl surfacing in early February, SHIB holders geared up to the event hoping their coin could feature in at least one of the adverts.

In the run-up to the Super Bowl, SHIB’s price sharply climbed, jumping 7% in under an hour and reaching a peak of $0.00003183 on Sunday.

While the McDonald’s advert may have caused some disappointment for some, both Doge and SHIB holders were soon left happy after the eToro advert.

The 30-second ad included a brief shot of a Shiba Inu dog, timed to line up with the caption: “Imagine a community of millions.”

While not confirmed, these seem a subtle nod to the two cryptocurrencies that heavily feature Shiba Inu in their branding and have large, passionate communities.

Users on r/ShibArmy immediately spotted the reference. “My heart skipped a beat when I saw the doggo,” posted one user. “I wish it was more than a split second tho! It was just enough for us to notice,” said another.

Prominent Shiba community member Milkshake also pointed out that general crypto exposure will benefit Shiba Inu Coin, too. “Why not appreciate the fact that crypto is making noise and adoption is more mainstream than ever before,” they said.

SHIB Nasty, another Shiba community member, called on holders not to clash over whether it referenced Dogecoin or SHIB. “Millions together. Quit fighting and get over yourselves,” he posted. “We both have good projects and communities.”

However, it seems both the Shiba reference and crypto exchange adverts have failed to translate into price impacts yet. SHIB was trading at $0.00003013 when the Super Bowl started, and by the time it ended, was trading at $0.00002918.

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