SHIB Community Shares Its Ideas For Shiba Ecosystem Projects

Shiba Inu logo on a presentation board in front of a crowd.
Credit: Teemu Paananen/Unsplash

Shiba Inu logo on a presentation board in front of a crowd.
Credit: Teemu Paananen/Unsplash

The SHIB community is never slow to give opinions or shy away from discussions about projects on the Shiba roadmap.

Whether it's through Discord, Twitter or a Shiba Inu AMA, feedback is aplenty for SHIB.

So, with the community set to take a more active role in Shib with the full release of the Doggy DAO, here's a look at some ecosystem ideas they've shared online.

Shiba Ideas Proposed By Community

In response to a tweet by Shiba ambassador and influencer Gossip SHIB, several holders shared their pitches for potential SHIB projects.

While some wanted to know when projects such as Shibarium were releasing, others proposed ideas, mainly centred around Shiba burning.

The most popular idea shared was a Shiba-version of GoFundMe. Here, holders donate SHIB to those they choose, with a 10% fee for burning. This idea was well-received by those close to SHIB, including Discord moderator Queenie.

Another burning idea appears to take inspiration from the Wagmigotchi on-chain pet. “It would be fun to build a kennel and garden inside ShibaSwap and have Shiba Inu running around, sleeping and eating food,” said one holder. “The Shiba Inu's food is $SHIB, and when we feed them, they actually burn.”

Elsewhere, a user proposed a SHIB community app that allows for holders to view and arrange community meet-ups in person.

Aside from Twitter, SHIB users remain active in suggestion channels on Discord. The Shiba fast food restaurant Welly has an active Discord, where members give suggestions for both the store and menu. These ideas include mock-ups of kids’ meals, alternative recipes, and location suggestions.

For many ideas, there’s nothing stopping people from creating them. As Shiba project lead Shytoshi Kusama said to one member about the Shiboshi NFTs, “If you have a Shiboshi idea not related to the game I highly suggest you build it. This is the beauty of decentralisation.”

Of course, there are already plenty of community members contributing towards SHIB - whether through creating a SHIBACon, burning SHIB through gaming, or calling on companies to accept SHIB.

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