SHIB Around The World: Mapping Out The Countries Driving Shiba Inu Forward

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SHIB, like many other decentralised cryptocurrencies, transcends borders and has holders across the world. After all, almost 1.2m individual wallets hold SHIB, although when considering exchanges, this is likely more.

However, until the Shiba metaverse is complete and users can gather on their SHIB LANDS real estate, holders remain split between their various regions and nations.

So, here’s a look at which countries have been at the focal point for SHIB.

Shiba Inu Across The World

While it's impossible to show every single SHIB project going on around the world, we've highlighted a collection of countries with a few notable SHIB-related plans. These are Italy, Turkey, India, Venezuela, and the USA.

Here's more on the specifics.


In the early months of 2022, a group of SHIB holders in Italy have made headlines for their role in new projects for the Shiba ecosystem.

Most notably, the Welly fast food franchise - which will integrate with the Doggy DAO and Shibarium - is based in Naples. While they have received thousands of applications for franchises across the world, this flagship store remains the priority for now.

Aside from Welly, the John Richmond Shiba collaboration made its mark through the Milan Fashion Week in late February. Oh, and a Shiba party is scheduled to take place during the next Milan Fashion Week in September.


While most people think of El Salvador when discussing crypto adoption, Turkey is also pushing for further crypto integration.

With inflation surging and the value of the Lira in decline, many Turkish citizens have turned to crypto as an alternative investment or store of value. Included in this, of course, is SHIB.

This was capped off in March by a meeting between the Turkish SHIB team and former Minister of Economy Mustafa Elitaş to discuss the Shiba Inu ecosystem.


Another country with a high adoption rate, Venezuela hit the Shiba headlines after one holder started constructing a Shiba Zone.

Aside from this, as described in a SHIB Informer article, Venezuela also has several businesses directly supporting SHIB through accepting it as a payment method.


As perhaps the largest growing crypto market, it’s no wonder that India features heavily in the Shiba ecosystem. Indeed, the focus of Welly was changed to chicken rather than beef to reflect this, too. As Shytoshi Kusama said in his Medium:

Because we love our India market so much, we shifted some of our visual communications from being beef centric to chicken centric (cluck in video!) to compensate for the religious practices of one of our largest markets.

However, the largest contribution to SHIB from India is the other way around - it's what SHIB contributed to India. When Vitalik Buterin burned almost half of the total SHIB supply - he also donated billions of dollars in SHIB towards the India Crypto Covid Relief Fund.

While we can’t know for sure, we’d expect India to feature more prominently in SHIB down the line, too.


Australia’s role in SHIB was thrust into prominence after SHIB announced that PlaySide Studios was in charge of creating its two Shiba Inu Games. These card collecting, Hearthstone-esque titles are among the most anticipated projects on the Shiba Roadmap.

Set to launch later this year, both titles are expected to feature the Shiboshi NFTs in their design.

United States of America

Okay, so as you’d expect, America features prominently in SHIB, to the point where there’s too much to fit in this article.

Whether it’s SHIB burning through Bigger Entertainment and the Shiba Coffee Company, SHIB adoption at AMC or a Las Vegas car dealership, or brand-new projects like the ShibaCon in Las Vegas, there’s plenty for US-based SHIB holders to look towards.

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