Moonbirds NFT: Everything You Need To Know About The Moonbirds Proof Collective NFT

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April 27, 2022: Updated with the latest data on Moonbirds NFT, and Moonbirds nesting.

Moonbirds NFTs are the latest addition to the ever-expanding NFT market and are already creating a lot of hype owing to their unique NFT characteristics.

The Moonbirds NFT collection consists of 10,000 unique owl NFTs that differ in rarity and possess different traits and character elements. Much like the Invisible Friends NFTs and Imaginary Ones NFTs, it has quickly gained attention online from investors.

This new NFT project, which launched in mid-April, has already raked in over $340 million in sales. Let's take a look at what makes Moonbirds NFTs so special?

What Are Moonbirds NFTs?

Moonbirds NFTs are a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs featuring portraits of owls in different styles and characters. Each Moonbird NFT possesses a unique charm and eccentric personality trait that differentiates it from other NFTs.

According to the Moonbirds FAQs, holders of these NFTs will have "full commercial art rights" for their owned Moonbirds.

In addition to this, each Moonbird NFT holder may receive additional perks, including access to the project's private Discord server. Other rewards such as in-person events, physical items and airdrops have been promised, too.

As far as the Moonbirds NFT characteristics are concerned, the collection comprises 10,000 unique owls that boast distinctive styles and differ in rarity and valuation.

Where To Buy Moonbirds NFT And Mint Price?

The Moonbirds NFT collection is now available on OpenSea for purchase, with the drop having first launched on April 16, 2022.

The mint price for one Moonbirds NFT was 2.5 ETH, alongside gas costs.

However, prices of the Moonbirds NFTs has quickly risen to a much higher level. The floor price for one Moonbirds NFT is 27.5 ETH - or around $79,000. The volume traded has now also reached 118,000 ETH - or $340 million.

However, the floor price has dropped from its peak of around 40 ETH.

While Moonbirds are trading around the 30 ETH price, several of these NFTs are selling for much higher rates. One NFT - Moonbirds #2642 - sold for a whopping 350 ETH - or $1m.

Moonbirds NFT Nesting

Through 'nesting', or locking, their Moonbirds NFT, holders will be able to earn additional rewards.

Once the nesting process concludes or matures, a Moonbirds NFT will upgrade its nest and reach new tiers, unlocking a whole new set of benefits or rewards for its holder.


Based on data from April 26, 8781 of the Moonbirds NFTs (87.8%) are now nested.

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