Etherscan MetaMask: How to Connect MetaMask to Etherscan

Etherscan and MetaMask logos.

Etherscan and MetaMask logos.

MetaMask has become one of the leading crypto wallets that deliver extensive crypto services to its users. But does it also support Etherscan Metamask links?

MetaMask's user interface and functions allow users to add custom tokens, and send crypto to exchanges and other wallets. Apart from the obvious, the MetaMask is all set to establish its DAO and token to evolve.

But have you ever wondered how MetaMask interacts with Etherscan? If not, then let's find out below.

How to connect MetaMask to Etherscan

First and foremost, MetaMask can't be connected to Etherscan since Etherscan is an independent analytics platform. One major misconception is that Etherscan is involved with transactions, but it simply tracks activity on the blockchain.

However, to check your wallet transaction history, one can simply enter your wallet address in Etherscan to check the status of your transactions and their history.

Alternatively, selecting transactions from MetaMask should automatically open using Etherscan, too.

Do users need MetaMask to use Etherscan?

No, users can use any crypto wallet since the process is not directly linked with Etherscan.

To use Etherscan, a user must enter their verified crypto address on the platform's search field to access transactional details.

However, users are also free to create their own independent accounts on Etherscan to access premium features. These include the ability to check transaction hash, number of blocks within which the transaction was recorded, sender and receiver address, gas fees, and more.

What is Etherscan?

Etherscan is a popular blockchain explorer that allows users to access details about their crypto transactions on the Ethereum blockchain.

The platform is dubbed an extensive public repository of transactions on the blockchain as it helps users verify their pending and confirmed transactions.

Oftentimes, certain transactions sent via MetaMask or any other crypto wallet do not appear immediately in the receiver's crypto wallet.

This may induce panic among people and may compel them to verify whether their transactions were processed or not.

Etherscan comes in handy in situations like these where users can enter their wallet address to authenticate the status of their pending/confirmed transactions.

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