Dogecoin Foundation Unveils Its Trailmap - Announces New Projects For 2022

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The Dogecoin Foundation has introduced Dogecoin Trailmap, comprising a list of essential projects that will reshape Dogecoin's identity.

In a recent blog post, the Foundation laid out its plan to boost Doge by emphasising its utility factor. Here, they acknowledged they value "utility over technical brilliance."

Here's what it said.

Dogecoin Roadmap: Here's What's In The DOGE Trailmap

As per the official blog post, the trailmap for Dogecoin is a plan that aims to strengthen the utility of the cryptocurrency by integrating new projects with Doge.

The changes include a full makeover of the website, introducing new elements including a list of FAQs via a Dogepedia. The foundation will also implement the Dogecoin Protocols as a C library under the project called Libdogecoin.

Other projects include developing a Dogecoin Standard. The Foundation describes this as a "written specification and validating test suite derived from the Dogecoin Core Wallet." This will "[fill] the gap of the often requested ‘whitepaper’, providing docs to anyone trying to understand how Dogecoin works."

The Dogecoin Foundation also announced a scalable backend solution called Gigawallet project. It will provide a node/API solution that can be set up in seconds and allow the developer to add Dogecoin transactions to their platforms. Dogecoin will let users retain custody of their Doge while integrating it with Gigawallet to keep the security keys secure.

Dogecoin Planning Switch To Proof-Of-Stake

The Dogecoin Trailmap also mentions that the platform is in talks with Ethereum's founder Vitalik Buterin to establish a proof of stake model for DOGE.

Dogecoin's PoS proposal comprises the idea of "community staking" to ensure "not just the big players [get] to participate" in the staking and receive rewards.

The foundation is planning to begin working on projects from next year onwards.

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[Image: Executium/Unsplash]

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