Coinbase Transaction History: How To Check Coinbase Transaction History

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If you need to check your Coinbase transaction history, here's a closer look at how to do it.

Whether it's because you want to gather all the information you need for tax purposes, or you want to delete your Coinbase account and transfer from Coinbase to Binance, Coinbase makes it easy to check past transactions.


Here's a closer look at how to find your Coinbase transaction history on the exchange.

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How To Check Coinbase Transaction History

To check the Coinbase transaction history, a user must follow the instructions mentioned below:

  • Click on your Profile Picture icon and tap on Reports.
  • Click on My Transaction History.
  • Press Generate Transaction History by entering the details of the month that you'd like to view your transaction history.
  • Select Yes and see the history displayed.

And that's it! Coinbase makes it incredibly simple for users to check their past transactions. So whether you're just curious, or want to make sure nobody else is covertly using your account, you can check it in just a few clicks.

How To Download Coinbase Transaction History Report

Of course, viewing your Coinbase transaction history is just one part of it. If you need to refer back to past transactions fairly regularly, then you might want to download the transaction history report.


Luckily, Coinbase makes this pretty easy to do.

Coinbase will always ask you to save a PDF file of your transaction history when you tap on the Generate Transaction History option.

To save the file, confirm whether you'd like to download the file in PDF or CSV format. Then, press the download option to save the transaction file on your computer or laptop. Just make sure to keep it someplace secure.

Coinbase History Not Showing?

In case you're encountering errors that do not let you access your coinbase transaction history, here are a couple of things that you can try to resolve the errors.

  • Check whether your app is updated or not. If not, then update it and log in again.
  • Try uninstalling the app and reinstalling your Coinbase app.
  • Clear your cache and login again to see if you can view your transaction history
  • Contact Coinbase support if nothing works out.