Cookie Run: Kingdom Titles - Requirements and Types

The big May update for Cookie Run: Kingdom is live and has brought a few key changes to the game, as well as a whole new storyline. Here are all the Cookie Run Kingdom titles and how you can get them.

Cookie Run: Kingdom is Devsisters’ sweet sixth entry into the Cookie Run franchise, and is only getting bigger and better with each update. The May update has brought in a new story mode called Cookie Odyssey, along with new titles for players to get and equip once they complete the requirements. There are four different categories of these titles, focusing on different areas of kingdom improvement. You can see information on the requirements of each title in the Titles menu accessible in game. The titles can be seen by other players.

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Kingdom Titles

New Dawn
Crunchy Builder
High and Mighty
Upgrade Cookie Castle to Lv.8
Eternal Light
Upgrade Cookie Castle to Lv.15
Housing Planner
Have 20 Cookie Houses upgraded to Lv.5 or higher
Real Estate Tycoon
Have 40 Cookie Houses upgraded to Lv.10 or higher
Great Architect
Place 15 Landmark-type buildings
Monument Maestro
Have 15 Landmarks upgraded to Lv.5 or above
Honorary Sugar Gnome
Upgrade a building 100 times
Sea Lover
Place 100 Waterway decors
Ocean Lord
Place 200 Waterway decors
The Aquatic
Place 200 Waterways
Romantic Gardener
Place 100 Plants
Royal Forester
Place 200 Plants
Master of the Forest
Place 400 Plants
The Pink Path
Place 400 Pink Wafer Tiles
The Chocolate Path
Place 400 Chocostone Tiles
The Cream Path
Place 400 Cookie & Cream Tiles
Master Artisan
Craft 10,000 Materials & Goods
Real Royal
Reach Kingdom Lv.45

Brave Cookies Titles

Fresh Out of the Oven
We Are Legion
Get 50 Cookies (except Special Cookies)
Baking Legend
Use Cookie Gacha 10,000 times
Twinkling Star
Promote 20 Cookies to 5 stars
Shiny Star
Promote 50 Cookies to 5 stars
Cookie Trainer
Get 30 Cookies to Lv.40
Star Jelly Galaxy
Get 50 Cookies of Lv.52
Always By Your Side
Get 3 stars with 10 Cookie Bonds
Through Thick and Thin
Get 4 stars with 20 Cookie Bonds
True Soulmate
Get 5 stars with 25 Cookie Bonds
Fashion Icon
Get 60 costumes

Challenges Titles

Sky Crawler
Complete a Balloon Expedition 100 times
Clear Dark Mode Stage 8-30 "Corrupted Hall of Enlightenment"
Shadow Voyager
Clear Dark Mode Stage 10-31 "Distorted Chamber"
Shadow Weaver
Clear Dark Mode Stage 12-30
Star in the Shadow
Earn 1,000 stars in Dark Mode of World Exploration
Continent Explorer
Clear 13-30 Abyssal Bastions
Kingdom Sheriff
Complete 100 Bounties
Bounty Hunter
Complete 500 Bounties
Finish an Arena season in Diamond 3 or higher
Finish an Arena season in Master 5 or higher
Finish an Arena season in Master 1 or higher
Top 500
Reach #500 in the Kingdom Arena
Finish an Arena season in Grandmaster 3 or higher
Great Grandmaster
Finish an Arena season in Grandmaster 2 or higher
Legendary Grandmaster
Finish an Arena season in Grandmaster 1 or higher
Take part in 300 Guild Battles
Explore Clouded Areas of the Tropical Soda Islands 30 times
Liberator of the Seas
Explore Clouded Areas of the Tropical Soda Islands 100 times
Sovereign of the Seas
Explore Clouded Areas of the Tropical Soda Islands 150 times
Chaos Strider
Clear Tower of Sweet Chaos to Tray 50
Chaos Tamer
Clear Tower of Sweet Chaos to Tray 100
Chaos Vanquisher
Clear Tower of Sweet Chaos to Tray 150
Get 100 guild relics
Get 200 guild relics

Trade Titles

Tree Tender
Fulfill 1,000 wishes from the Tree
Wish Fulfiller
Fulfill 2,000 wishes from the Tree
Train Engineer
Recieve rewards from the Bear Jelly Train 100 times
Railroad Tycoon
Recieve rewards from the Bear Jelly Train 300 times
Build the Seaside Market
Have Trade Ships return to the Trade Harbor 30 times
Trade Master
Top 10% in the Golden Age of Trade event
Trade Genius
Top 1% in the Golden Age of Trade event
Get 100,000,000 Coins
Everybody's Friend
Send 500 gifts to a friend
Generous Friend
Send 1000 gifts to a friend
Sweetness Supplier
Send 3000 gifts to a friend
Guild's Rolemodel
Earn 20,000 Guild Activity Points
Guild's Hero
Guild's Legend

Titles are a newly added customisation option in Cookie Run: Kingdom. They can be equipped and seen by other players in the Arena area and Guild members list. To see more about Titles, you can hit the Title button in your profile, and scroll through the pop-up.

There are four categories of titles: trade, challenge, brave cookie, and kingdom. Trade is to do with gifting, swapping or selling items, challenge titles relate to the challenging aspects of the game like the Tower of Sweet Chaos. Brave cookie titles are to do with your collected cookies and their levels, and kingdom titles (as the name suggests) are earned by improving your kingdom.

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