Where to Find a Tank in Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile doesn’t really do a lot to reinvent the Call of Duty or battle royale wheel, but it does manage to be a fun game despite not being a fairly original one.

It does a lot of the basic Call of Duty mechanics really well, and it’s hard to complain about that when shooting someone with a rifle or a tank feels so darn great. 

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Where to Find a Tank in Call of Duty: Mobile

Getting a tank in COD: Mobile can be pretty tough but it’s not an impossible thing to use, you just need to get lucky.

The fortunate thing about tanks in COD: Mobile is that you don’t have to spend for it like Legendary Weapons, nor do you have to grind for it like the other rewards, as players merely have to look out for airdrops and hope that a tank comes with it.

Naturally, fans are gonna want to look out for airdrops anyway since they give players a number of items that can turn the tide, and if you get a tank you’re going to get a lot of kills, though you won't get any Diamond Camo.

Killing a tank is possible but far from easy so be sure to get a lot of shots in before some people decide to team up and take you down. It will be fun while it lasts, trust us.

Vehicles have been a constant part of the fun in COD: Mobile since they make traveling across the maps a lot more fun than just walking.

Having a tank, which can take so much damage and dish out, even more, is the best of both worlds since you can just go around killing everyone to get those kills. 

Call of Duty: Mobile is available on iOS and Android devices as a free download, with optional in-game purchases for those that are impatient or want more content.

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