How to Get a Nuke in COD: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile might be a bit easier than other COD games due to its mobile nature, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a competitive shooter in its own right.

Like Warzone and Black Ops Cold War, COD: Mobile is a game where outsmarting your opponents and being in the right place at the right time is key, though there is another way to ensure that your team will end up victorious; nukes.

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How to Get a Nuke in COD: Mobile

That’s right, nukes, the real key to victory in Call of Duty games, aside from glitches in Warzone's Gulag, appear in COD: Mobile and will give players a huge advantage over the other team.

In order to get a nuke, players will have to do two things: reach the rank of 20 and gain 20 kills in a game.

While the first part should be easy enough for veteran players of the game, the second part is going to be a nightmare since you can die at any time.

As if getting 20 kills in a game isn’t hard enough, you have to make sure these are 20 kills in a row so dying resets your progress to getting the nuke option available.

It’s going to take a lot of luck and perseverance to successfully get a nuke in a COD: Mobile game but when you do, pat yourself in the back, take a screenshot, and give your team the advantage.

Interestingly enough, using a nuke in COD: Mobile isn’t an instant win but an option to tip the scales to your advantage, as it kills all of the enemy team.

That’s not an immediate win but it’s still worth bragging about since you have to work pretty hard to get this thing.

So, to recap, reach the rank of 20 to gain the ability to get nukes then kill 20 players in a row without dying to use the nuke.

We wish all COD: Mobile players the best of luck in getting the strongest weapon in the game, if it can even be called that.

Call of Duty: Mobile is now available on iOS and Android devices.

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