COD Mobile Season 8 "The Forge" LEAKS: Release Date, Patch Notes, Battle Pass Rewards, Maps, Skins, Zombies, Weapons And More

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Season 8 of COD Mobile is expected to arrive in July, after an exciting and interesting Season 7.

With lots of mystery still surrounding this new season, other than the return of the fan-favourite map Highrise, leaks have been far fewer than previous seasons.

Find out everything we know so far about Season 8!

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Latest News

New MP Mode Coming As Part Of Season 8 - July 9th

New MP mode Juggernaut is set to arrive later this week as part of the new Season.

A new mode is a great way to start Season 8 and get players excited for upcoming updates.

New Call of Duty Season 8 Battle Pass Trailer - July 9th

A new trailer has dropped surrounding The Forge and the new Season 8 Battle Pass, check it out.

New Perks Coming In Season 8 - July 7th

Two new perks look to be arriving in Season 8, here are the details.

  • Piece Bullet - Receive 1 more Grenade Explosive when revived and target sticking explosive damage will be funny.
  • Fast Recovery - Starting healing immediately after defeating an enemy and holding the target will increase healing frequency.

New Gun From Call Of Duty Ghosts? - July 6th

A leak has suggested a new gun from Call of Duty Ghosts may be implemented into the game.

Fans have noticed a gun being held in an advertisement for the Season is very similar to gun from Call of Duty Ghosts.

The gun is the Maverick AR.

This leak is not confirmed to be true, however, the potential for a new gun is always exciting.

Official CODM Teases New Feature From Modern Warfare Gunsmith - July 6th

The teaser displayed the Gunsmith layout in CODM.

It also revealed a section of UI that suggested a gun could have up to five attachments.

This could hint at players being able to equip five attachments as well as a scope.

The implementation of Gunsmith may also affect how players in CODM apply camos.

This will be an exciting update for CODM as players will already be familiar with the system in Modern Warfare.

Leak Reveals New Season 8 Update release - July 6th

A new leak has revealed the next Season 8 update will come on the 10th of July.

This will apply for both Garena and Global.

COD Mobile Season 8 Name Revealed And Makarov Added? - 6th July

According to recent leaks, the new season is called Apocalypse and the new character added is Makarov!

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Photo via @GrowPositiveYT

COD Mobile Season 8 Release Date

Season 8 The Forge will arrive on July 9th.


Update - Highrise Confirmed

In a tweet posted by the official Call of Duty Mobile account here, they teased a sneak peek of one of the maps coming to the game next season. 

You can check out the tweet here but below!


Activision created a community poll in January asking which previous maps players would like to see in COD: Mobile. Rust was one of the choices and was released in Season 6, that leaves Terminal, Dome, Highrise and Shipment.

Many believe Shipment would be coming to Season 6, then with no luck - Season 7 but there was no sign of the map so it's likely we will see it this season.

The map mad an appearance in the pre-alpha gameplay trailer, so it is likely it is within the game files.

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Other maps such as Tunisia, Highrise and Gulag are yet to be released, of these, Highrise is the most likely to be seen any time soon.

In addition, players have been asking whether Season 8 will bring a new BR map to the game.

Developers have confirmed that no new map is currently being worked on.

However, they are focusing on expanding the current map in Season 8 with a multitude of updates.

Battle Pass

Users had expressed time and time again that they were tired of the colourful cosmetics in COD: Mobile multiple seasons ago.

Due to this Activision shed some light on what could be a new theme in the next Battle Pass.

They stated it will be more "grounded and military-focused", so we expect to see a much more traditional theme to coming seasons.

The Battle Pass is usually released two days after the new season update.

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COD Zombies was removed in Season 4.

The COD Mobile team had said that they didn't believe the game mode was up to standard to come back to previous seasons but we're hoping they have worked on it and it could be making another appearance.

Data-miners found game files involving Richtofen, one of the four main characters in COD: Mobile Zombies.

This could be linked to the return of the much-loved game mode, or it could just be a new playable option in Multiplayer and Battle Royale.

If it does return we should see maps such as Nacht Der Untoten (confirmed by development) and Tranzit (which has is yet to release although there is footage of it online).


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Screenshots had emerged a while ago showing what seems to be a new scorestreak.

The streak looks similar to the Cluster Strike killstreak from Modern Warfare. 

The Lightning Strike is still yet to be added to the game, despite many screenshots showing it in-game even before last season.

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Operator's Skill

A new operator skill named Takeo’s Katana is expected to arrive in Season 8.


According to Gamer's Spot, we will see three new perks including, Overkill, Sharpnel & Quick fix.



The HBRa3 is believed to be one of the strongest Assault Rifles in COD: Mobile.

It is only available through purchase on the in-game store, although it is expected a free version will come to the next season.

CoDM_Updates posted the following image, which appears to allude to the UL736 and BK57 coming to the game soon!

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As well as the HBRa3, leaks suggest the M249 SAW will be making an appearance in COD: Mobile soon.

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All the way back in Season 4, @CODM_Updates shared a few new weapons that they believed should have arrived in Season 4 - any of these could also be coming to the game.

  • NA-45
  • GPAS-12
  • MP7
  • H28
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The KRM-262, is a pump-action shotgun from Black Ops 3, it was discovered in the game files of COD Mobile.

The G36 has also been spotted in test servers and has asked for feedback from players.

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@CODMobile_ES shows the model for an MP5 weapon.

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Below are some more recent possibilities for weapons to come to the game by Reddit user frostdragon153.

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COD Mobile has recently revealed some new information surrounding a new weapon releasing in Season 8.

They teased fans, stating the weapon will likely be from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019.

However, that was all the information we were given.

Weapon Skins

New weapons skins are expected to make an arrival in Season 8, a few are listed below.

The official PlayCODMobile teased some of the new weapon skins along with customization options in the below tweet!

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A new attachment could possibly be coming to the game, this is the OTM.

The OTM will increase the damage caused by weapons.

Campaign Mode

COD Mobile Devs have confirmed no campaign mode is currently in development

They acknowledged a project surrounding a single-player mode would be a huge undertaking.

However, they stated if development ever began on such a project, the community would be notified.

Global Test Server

COD Mobile's global test server will be available by early July.

This can only be accessed by Android users.

They are working on bringing the test server to as many devices as possible but for now, the build is Android only.

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