Clash of Clans - How to Get Capital Gold

Image of the Forge in Clash of Clans.

Image of the Forge in Clash of Clans.

With a new Clash of Clans update out now, the race is on to build the most impressive new town hall. Perhaps the key addition this spring is the new currency in the game, so knowing how to get Capital Gold in Clash of Clans is crucial if you want to make use of all of those new units and items. Luckily, we're here to give you some help.

This Clash of Clans guide will examine what Capital Gold is, as well as the various means by which you can earn it. From there, we'll outline some of the most common uses for Capital Gold, so you can start spending the instant you've collected it in your inventory.

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What Is Capital Gold in Clash of Clans?

Capital Gold is a brand new currency in Clash of Clans. It arrived in the spring 2022 update, alongside the Clan Capital expansion. As such, you won't be surprised to learn that the two are intrinsically linked. You'll spend Capital Gold on upgrading your new Capital, while also earning it by trying out the new game modes available in the update.

Image of two villagers playing games in Clash of Clans.
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How Do I Get Capital Gold in Clash of Clans?

The primary way of earning Capital Gold is in the Forge. This is a new item that you'll automatically get if you're at Town Hall level 6 by the time the new update arrived, or whenever you manage to reach it. Here, you can assign tasks that earn you small amounts of Capital Gold each day. If you've got the Builder Boost perk, then you can increase the efficiency of your Forge to get even more Capital Gold.

Outside of the Forge, there are a few ways to earn Capital Gold in gameplay. Partaking in Capital Raid Weekends is a surefire way to earn them as a reward, which is no surprise given these raids are also new in the spring update. On top of that, Supercell has promised Capital Gold as seasonal and objective rewards in the near future.

What Can I Spend Capital Gold On?

As a new currency in the game, most of the existing items in Clash of Clans can't be purchased using Capital Gold. However, it still has its uses, tied mostly to the new features. If you want to upgrade your Clan Capital and unlock the various new districts and their units, you'll need to spend Capital Gold.

Yes, the only way to upgrade each District Hall is through Capital Gold. Upgrading these buildings lets you purchase the units available in each one, while also gradually contributing towards the next district for you to unlock. When you first unlock a new district, all the buildings are covered in moss. You guessed it: Capital Gold is the way to pay for the removal of the moss, to get those new places functioning properly.

Of course, since the focus of Clan Capitals is on teamwork and coming together with your friends for a common goal, you don't have to do it all alone. Instead, all members of your clan can contribute Capital Gold towards a new upgrade or installation.

That's all for our look at the new Capital Gold currency in Clash of Clans! While the means to collect it are currently quite slim, you can guarantee that they'll become an increasingly useful resource as the exciting new Clan Capital mechanic evolves.

In the meantime, feel free to check out our tips on how to play Clan Capital, so you know exacrly what's arrived in the big update.

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