Clash of Clans - How to Play Clan Capital

The long-awaited Clash of Clans spring update is finally here, and with it comes a brand new collaborative gameplay mechanic. You'll need to know how to play Clan Capital in Clash of Clans if you want to get to grips with this new region, where you and your clan work together to bolster your outpost, and even take on other clans in battle.

In this Clash of Clans guide, we'll explain how to play the Clan Capital, so you can dive straight into this new feature and begin unlocking items. We'll also explain exactly what Clan Capital is, what purpose it serves, and outline the range of districts found within.

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How Do I Play Clash of Clans Clan Capital?

To become eligible for a Clan Capital, your clan needs to be level 2 or higher. Once you've achieved that, you'll get the ability to travel to the capital. Individually, you'll need a village level of 6 or above before this uncharted land is available.

With the criteria met, all you need to do is tap the new airship nearby the Builder Base, and off to the Clan Capital you'll go.

A group of warriors fighting dragons in Clash of Clans.
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What Is Clan Capital?

Clan Capital is the newest hub area in Clash of Clans, introduced in the 2022 spring update. These more communal areas are where all members of a clan will contribute towards joint construction projects, recruiting new troops, and decoration.

More than just places for collaboration, you can also embark on clan battles in the Clan Capital. On special Raid Weekends, Clan Capitals will go against each other to earn a range of prizes. The Clan Capital system comes with two new currencies, Clan Gold and Raid Medals, with both contributing either to your joint Clan Capital, or your own village.

Clan Capital Districts

Within Clan Capital are seven districts, each with different purposes. You'll unlock one district per Capital level you surpass, leading you to eventually having a fearsome communal area that other clans will shudder at in Raid Weekends.

Capital Peak

This is the main hub of your Clan Capital. It's home to your Capital Hall, which you upgrade to unlock new districts. On top of that, it's where you'll start off the upgrading process with new troops, buildings, and so on.

Barbarian Camp

This is the second district, where you'll upgrade troops and earn a lot of the new units available in the new update. The camp includes a range of barracks, each dedicated to producing a new troop such as the Sneaky Archers and Super Giants.

Wizard Valley

Magic is the focus here, as you build plenty of settlements in this district that unlock spells for your clan. They range from Healing Spells to boosting your spell capacity in raids, so it's a very useful place for the more tactical players.

Balloon Lagoon

If aerial combat is your focus when it comes to the Raid Weekends, then the fourth district will be of interest. Here, units such as Rocket Balloons and Skeleton Barrels are made, on top of the Lightning Spell.

Builder's Workshop

Once you reach Capital level 5, you'll unlock the Builder's Workshop. It contains some more generic crafting units, such as the ability to get a Raid Cart, as well as a Super P.E.K.K.A.

Dragon Cliffs

Dragons are some of the most fearsome fighters in the entirety of Clash of Clans. The Dragon Cliffs are where you can add them to your capital, with Super Dragons available to craft and upgrade. That's on top of Hog Raiders and a Rage Spell on offer.

Golem Quarry

The final district is Golem Quarry, which only has one new unit on offer: the fearsome Mountain Golem. Its power is able to turn the tides of any battle, which is why it'll take a lot of work for even the best clans to unlock district seven.

That's it for our look at how to play Clan Capital in Clash of Clans! This new addition to the game should shake up collaborative combat and teamwork for a long while, so get ready to dive in and grind to unlock the elusive Golem Quarry. In fact, details on the Clash of Clans season pass could definitely help as you level up the ranks.

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