Retail Listings Emerge For Castlevania Advance Collection

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Castlevania Advance Collection has now been spotted in several retail listings, adding further fuel to the existence of Konami's rumoured collection.

Having appeared across Australian, Korean and Taiwanese ratings boards across the last few months, it's believed to contain Castlevania's Game Boy Advance outings: Harmony of Dissonance, Circle of the Moon, and Aria of Sorrow. Now, it's shown up on several regional listings across PlayAsia.

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Retail Listings Emerge For Castlevania Advance Collection

You can find them here, listing Switch editions for Asian, US, Japanese and European copies. However, description details have been directly copied from Konami's Castlevania Anniversary Collection, though the included games only state "3D Claassic, Castlevania Anniversary Collection, Contra Anniversary Collection." Included screenshots are also taken from the Anniversary Collection.

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In the event they get removed, we've screenshotted those listings above but there's no further information provided, only listing a release date as "tba." Given the evidence we've already seen, we can't imagine this Advance Collection isn't real, and we'll keep you informed as we learn more.