Castlevania Advance Collection Could Be Coming Soon

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We could be seeing a Castlevania Advance Collection soon, if a recent Australian ratings certification post is anything to go by.

The country’s ratings board posted a listing rating the Castlevania Advance Collection “M” for mature, which in Australia’s ratings parlance is equivalent to Teen or PEGI 12.


It lists M2, of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 port notoriety, as the developer and shows the games would have dual audio as well.

While there’s no mention of what games Castlevania Advance Collection would include, it’s pretty self-explanatory.

The three Castlevania games on Game Boy Advance were Harmony of Dissonance, Circle of the Moon, and Aria of Sorrow.

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Castlevania Advance Collection Could Be Coming Soon

Dawn of Sorrow continues Aria’s story, though it launched on the DS and might not qualify as “Advanced” despite being a direct sequel.

The thing is, the Castlevania Advance Collection doesn’t exist, at least not officially.


Assuming the listing isn’t some kind of bizarre accident, we’ll likely see a Castlevania Advance Collection announcement soon.

If the new collection isn’t just intended for Nintendo Switch, then this will be the first time these games are playable on other platforms.

The only other platform these three appeared on since the GBA is the Wii U via its Virtual Console.

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[Source: Australian Ratings Board]