"Timmy kinda deserves it" - ZLaner Abuses TimTheTatman's Warzone Stream

Zack 'ZLaner' Lane only joined OpTic last month and the streamer continues to make a name for himself in the Warzone space. Competing with some of the biggest pros, one notable battle is his feud with TimTheTatman.

In a recent Warzone stream on his YouTube channel, ZLaner tries his best to take out TimTheTatman by doing something that's frowned upon in the gaming community: stream sniping.

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"Timmy kinda deserves it" - ZLaner Abuses TimTheTatman's Warzone Stream

Stream sniping is when players exploit other people's streams, in hopes to track their every action. You can literally follow someone's every action and sneak up them for an attack - it's basically cheating.

But ZLaner means no harm as he tries to ruin TimTheTatman's day in a game of Warzone. ZLaner joined his stream and solo aimed for him. But TimTheTatman wasn't alone, as he was in a squad with Cloakzy, MerKJJD, and CouRageJD.

As seen in the video below, the first round didn't go so well with ZLaner being tag-teamed by the three pros. But in the second round, ZLaner did get a few hits on TimTheTatman before being swiped out from the back (at 13:20).

What does that tell us? One-on-one, ZLaner definitely has a shot at winning against TimTheTatman. He got a few hits on the pro, even taking out most of his armour. If it wasn't for Cloakzy, things could've ended differently for TimTheTatman.

Who do you think would win, ZLaner or TimTheTatman? Let us know in the comments.

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