HusKerrs, Aydan, and IceManIsaac Get Hacker Banned LIVE

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Cheaters and hackers have found Call of Duty: Warzone to be a safe haven in the days before the anti-cheat arrives. Aydan, IceManIsaac, and HusKerrs played Warzone and were having fun as lone wolves. While they played through, they faced cheaters and killed them until one of the cheaters finally got them.

While the hacker had to be aware he had killed a famous streamer, he couldn't be aware that there were two more. Getting reported by one famous streamer can cause someone to get banned, but getting reported by three at once is a whole different story.

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Warzone Hacker Banned Live

When the cheater fired from a distance beyond his ability to be accurate, any doubt that the hacker was cheating was quickly dispelled. First, let's go through the deaths.

HusKerrs was the first to be taken out permanently, but his death was completely unfair.

After that, Aydan was taken away under strange circumstances.

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IceManIsaac was able to watch the hacker right after he died.

However, Justice prevailed as they commented on how terrible the hacker is at playing the game, even with hacks. The hacker was banned live.

Before the fabled Anti-cheat comes, this will keep happening. However, do you think this Anti-cheat will be as good as everyone claims? Or is this just going to be a temporary roadblock for hackers?

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