Censor Roasts Scump With Old School Trash Talk During $150,000 Vanguard Event

It's the first time I've heard trash talk like this in Call of Duty: Vanguard. Old Modern Ware lobbies were notoriously brutal, as many people remember. You went in as a child and came out as an adult.

Finally, Censor, a Warzone pro, took on Scump, the kind of Call of Duty, along with his Vanguard team to see which games produced better players. Censor gave Scump a run for his money and roasted him in the process. I thought they didn't even allow that kind of trash talk anymore.

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Vanguard rage

I find it outrageous that Scump didn't return it. Scump has been a pro since Black Ops and definitely took part in the old Modern Warfare lobby verbal beatdowns. Censor went at Scump in this Vanguard match as he just sat there.

It may be because Scump said that Censor made the rivalry in his head, but it has to be a genuine rivalry after what he said. Here's one of my favorites:

"Come on Seth, stop being a f***ing dummy bro. You can't beat me Seth, you can't f***ing beat me Seth… Let's f***ing Go!"

Censor was flaming Scump in the lobby between matches as everyone tried to be good sportsmans. It was pretty funny.

Watch some of the highlights at 1:51:

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What do you think, though? Are the days of flaming someone with the power of the sun over, or is this a vital piece that needs to come back to Call of Duty?

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