“Forget About Every Sniper Shot That Just Took Place” - Zlaner Embarrasses Himself in Warzone by Missing a dozen times

In Warzone, it's okay to miss a shot or two because so much is happening. However, if you hype up each shot before you take it and miss over and over again, it's just embarrassing. It's like yelling "Kobe!" when throwing away something and missing entirely.

The sniping by ZLaner was the worst he's ever done. It was miss after miss after miss. I did not want him to stop because the commentary had me dying. We have the clip below.

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ZLaner worst Warzone play

These are the kinds of shots OpTic gaming made sure to pay top dollar for. It was a constant cycle of missing and pretending it didn't happen before getting a better angle and missing again. Though I love ZLaner, this had me in stitches.

The rage he shows because another player took the only shot he had away is the perfect display of a true Warzone player.

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There is something to be said about ZLaner's sense of humor. "This is why I'm the BEST Sniper..." as a title is gold.

Although, I did see some comments saying that ZLaner misses on purpose to hide his cheats. Is that true, or do you think everyone goes too far with those accusations?

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