“I Haven’t Seen S*** Like This Since the Nintendo 64” - TimTheTatman and Other Streamers Furious Over Warzone Pacific Event

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Honestly, I was disappointed with the new Pacific "secrets" in Warzone. Completing an entire event for six postcards? It's a multibillion-dollar company. This should be something that blows players away.

Tim' TimTheTatman' Betar and Dr DisRespect were two streamers who expressed disappointment. TimTheTatman is normally a huge supporter of Call of Duty, so to see him agreeing with Doc is a big change from standard. Still, they're justified in their anger towards the reward for so much work in an event.


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Warzone Pacific Event was disappointing

I have to start with Tim's quote because it echos so many people in their frustration with these rewards:

"I haven't seen s*** like this since the Nintendo 64. We're not at a point in game development in the year 2021 where we can… We can do six things to get ready for the new map five hours later. And it's pictures—It's black and gray, actually, pictures. I can't even like zoom in or really do anything."

Dr DisRespect joined in with "I Have More of a Preview in My Transition!" and then showed a clip from Pacific. It's a real clip from the trailer, which really is far better than we saw in the event rewards.


My friends at Esports Talk give great reasoning as to why we should have had more in this event:

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What do you think? Did you like the event and the rewards and think I am being a spoiled brat? Or has Call of Duty Warzone really dropped the ball?