Why Black Ops 4's Blackout Will Be Better Than A Modern Warfare Battle Royale

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Although much of the hype surrounds a rumoured Modern Warfare Battle Royale, plenty of players are still engrossed in the magic that is Black Ops 4's Blackout.

There are plenty of ways that Modern Warfare's take on the battle royale genre can be improved compared to Blackout - but will it be a success?

Here's why Black Ops 4's Blackout could be better than Modern Warfare's Battle Royale.



There's more to the Blackout universe than meets the eye - on the surface, it operates like any other Battle Royale.

What makes Blackout so unique are the characters, stories, easer eggs and lure that comes with it.

Heavily led by the Zombies storylines and universe, Blackout has so many unique features and story-led secrets that keep the magic alive.

If it wasn't for the aggressive one year cycle that Call of Duty experiences, there would be no doubt that Blackout would continue to add to the undervalued lure.

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Great Locations

Let's be realistic, Black Ops maps are amazing and the way they've been implemented them into Blackout is fantastic.

Modern Warfare has had some good maps in the past, a lot of which were confirmed for the Battle Royale and can be seen in Spec Ops, but the Black Ops maps make the environment much more diverse.



Limited Seasonal Content

Although some would argue that the seasonal changes in Blackout were not fantastic, they definitely added to the appeal.


Modern Warfare's Battle Royale could arrive in Season 2, meaning it has already lost out on three months of gameplay.

How much additional content it will receive after launch is a mystery and will not have the full year to play with.


Smaller Map

Bigger doesn't necessarily mean better. Modern Warfare's Battle Royale is rumoured to be three times bigger and host up to 200 players.

Blackout never felt like it was too big or too small and definitely didn't feel like it had too few players.

While I think there could have been fewer Points of Interest within the map, it didn't need to be expanded.



Higher Time To Kill

While it may not be such a gripe for fans anymore, players were not happy about how quick the time-to-kill was for Modern Warfare.

That's unlikely to change majorly, even with armour items added in.

Blackout challenged players to be consistent with their shots over time and distance.