What Does The Purple Key Card Do In Warzone?

Season 2 Reloaded for Warzone is well underway and after the additions of the RC-XD and Bombardment killstreaks into the battle royale, players have managed to find a brand-new key card.

Key cards aren't a new feature in the battle royale and are typically used to access specific areas of the map whether it's the locked room inside the Stadium or one of the several bunkers dotted all over Verdansk.

As the horde of the undead continues to make its way around the map, a purple key card can be acquired by slaying the 40 Zombies that appear.

Find a full walkthrough on how to get the key card and what it does below!

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How To Get Purple Key Card

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The process of obtaining the key card is fairly straightforward.

Land at the location where the Zombies are situated and activate the machine. Eliminate all 40 undead opponents and pick up the Yellow Key Card from the body of the final Zombie.

Once you've got the Yellow Key Card, open up the huge supply box that will drop a variety of loot including the coveted Purple Key Card.

Grab the Purple Key Card, otherwise known as the Access Protocol Key.

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What Does The Purple Key Card Do?

Once you've acquired the Purple Key Card, you will now have the ability to get the Bombardment killstreak!

This high-impact streak unleashes a barrage of explosives onto an area of the map that has been visited by the Zombies.

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